Junooniyatt 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Amardeep separating Ilahi from Jahan, assuring her that he won’t leave her alone. Mahi smirks at Ilahi while Amardeep throws Jahan out of his house, callously closing the door on his face. Despite Jahan’s attempts to talk with Ilahi, Biji forcefully drags her away from the terrace. In the meantime, Mehta prevents Jordan from leaving and explains that if he stays, Jahan will marry Ilahi. Mehta emphasizes his love for Ilahi and questions if she loves him too. Reflecting on her previous words, Jordan shares that she appeared happy with him at Varun’s wedding and shows Mehta a picture of them together. Jahan intervenes, attempting to separate Mehta from Ilahi.

Jahan’s attempts to contact his parents prove fruitless as their phone remains unreachable. Dharmendra consoles Jahan by hugging him tightly and assures him of his presence and support. Jahan expresses his frustration about being unable to reach his parents. Ilahi pleads with Amardeep to open the door for her, affirming that Jahan is not a liar and that his love for her is genuine. She insists that she cannot live without him and that he is her everything, crediting him for helping her find her voice again. Ilahi overhears Jahan playing the flute and watches him through the window. Husna requests Amardeep to release Ilahi, who then sings to express her emotional turmoil. Amardeep reminisces about his moments with Diljhot.

Meanwhile, Ginni shares her happiness with Happy, indulging in sweets and snacks without anyone’s knowledge. Grandma expresses her faith in Jahan, believing that he would not act in such a manner. She describes Baljeet as someone who sacrifices his own happiness for others and recalls how he saved Varun’s life by donating blood. Grandma suggests talking to Jahan at home. At the same time, Jordan asks Mahi about Ilahi’s well-being. Mahi informs him that the wedding is on hold, leading to Jordan embracing her joyfully. Mahi assures him that he should trust his mother. Eventually, Amardeep opens the door for Ilahi, and she embraces him happily. He urges her to go and bring Jahan back.

However, Biji and Ginni intercept Ilahi, preventing her from meeting Jahan. Happy scolds Ilahi for attempting to see him, but Amardeep requests them to let her go, asserting that he is doing the right thing by supporting his daughter’s love. He believes that if their love is true, they will prove it. Amardeep grants permission for Ilahi to meet Jahan, while Happy advises him to reconsider his decision. Nevertheless, Amardeep remains firm in his resolve. Ilahi finally reunites with Jahan and they embrace each other tightly.

Mahi gathers her family members and reveals the truth about what unfolded at the wedding. However, she cunningly places the blame on Jahan, making her family believe that he orchestrated everything. Confused by the situation, Mehtha questions why Jahan didn’t seek revenge against his own son and why there was a need for retaliation. Varun, Jahan’s brother, expresses his determination to not let Jahan get away with hurting their family. Mahi cautions him against acting out of anger, explaining that any action taken against Jahan would only work in his favor, as he had planned to send Jahan to jail for 15 years but failed.

When Mehtha expresses a desire to meet Jahan, Mahi intervenes and discourages him, stating that she doesn’t want any more drama in their household. Mahi smirks at Jordan, indicating her satisfaction with the current turn of events. Later, Jahan pleads with Mahi to believe in him and professes his love for her. He clarifies that although he dislikes Jordan, he doesn’t harbor hatred towards him. Jahan acknowledges that his obsession with Ilahi, not love, drove his actions. Ilahi expresses her trust and love for Jahan, and he emphasizes that they don’t need to prove their love to anyone. Jahan urges her to promise him that she will take care of herself, as he lacks evidence to prove his innocence and only needs her trust.

Ilahi assures Jahan that she will convince Amardeep, but he insists that nobody is giving him the opportunity to explain himself. He emphasizes that he needs to meet Ilahi and requests her to give him a chance. However, Jahan receives shocking news that his parents have been involved in an accident and are currently in the ICU. He shares the location with Ilahi, urging her to reach there as soon as possible. Overwhelmed with grief, Jahan reminisces about the moments he shared with his parents.

Mahi confirms with her henchman that he has informed Jahan about the accident, assuring him that he will receive the promised payment. Amardeep initially refuses to talk to Jahan, considering him unworthy after the recent events. He believes that Jahan is not a good person and doubts whether he can make Ilahi happy. Ilahi, however, profusely expresses her love for Jahan and pleads with Amardeep to allow them to meet, promising that she won’t ask anything of him. Meanwhile, Jahan prepares to leave for London and books his tickets.

Eventually, Amardeep agrees to meet Jahan. But as Ilahi searches for him, she realizes that he is missing from his room, with his mobile left behind. Jahan, desperate to contact Ilahi, discovers his missing mobile and instructs the driver to take him to the airport as quickly as possible. He plans to talk to her after reaching the airport. Meanwhile, Ilahi searches for Jahan and narrowly avoids colliding with a truck. Jordan comes to her rescue and informs her that Jahan has left her. Distraught, she accuses Jordan of harming Jahan and implores him to return Jahan to her, even kneeling down to plead.

In the midst of this turmoil, Jahan calls Ilahi’s phone, but Biji, Ilahi’s grandmother, answers the call. He informs her about his parents’ accident and his decision to go to Canada. Despite his wish to talk to Ilahi, Biji abruptly ends the call. Ilahi blames Jordan for Jahan’s disappearance, but he lies to her, claiming that Jahan’s parents left him. To further convince her, Jordan shows Ilahi a video of Jahan’s boarding pass, leaving her unable to comprehend the situation. Ilahi’s grandfather questions Mahi about why she didn’t inform them earlier, to which Mahi fabricates a lie, stating that she had discovered Jahan and his parents only two days ago. She manipulates everyone successfully, turning them against Jahan and his parents. Overwhelmed by the circumstances, Ilahi breaks down in tears.

[Episode End]

Precap : Biji will express her grievances to Mahi, stating that Ilahi’s wedding was interrupted due to her actions. Concerned about who will now marry Ilahi, Mahi will reassure Biji and disclose the identity of the person who truly loves her. Mahi will reveal that Jordan is the one who will marry Ilahi. As the events unfold, Ilahi will eventually arrive at the mandap, where Jordan and Ilahi will exchange garlands and partake in the ritual of taking pehras together. Meanwhile, Jahan will make attempts to contact Ilahi.

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