Imlie 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Imlie making a promise to Kairi, assuring her that they will search for Arto together. However, Chini intervenes and sends Imlie to her room, asserting that she has no right to make promises to Kairi. Imlie implores Chini to understand, but Chini insists that she will find Arto and Imlie need not do her any favors. Undeterred, Imlie asserts that she will fulfill her promise to Kairi without any hindrance. Later, Imlie locates Kairi on the balcony and reiterates her determination to make every effort in finding Arto. While conversing, Kairi notices that Imlie is wearing a bracelet similar to the one Paty wears. Imlie dismisses it, stating that it is possible for people to have similar belongings and admires Kairi’s perceptiveness. Meanwhile, Chini worries about the possibility of Arto repeating the same behavior with her as he did with Imlie, but she convinces herself that he wouldn’t betray her. As Chini spots Dhairya heading somewhere, she stops him, and Dhairya comes up with an excuse. Chini expresses her hope that Arto hasn’t changed, to which Dhairya assures her that Arto will be found soon as Rudra has contacted the commissioner. Chini leaves, and Dhairya signals Imlie to come out, relieved that Chini didn’t catch her. Grateful for his assistance, Imlie thanks Dhairya, who knows her intended destination at this hour. Dhairya insists on accompanying her, refusing to let her go alone, while Imlie argues that she can manage on her own, but Dhairya doesn’t allow her.

Elsewhere, Reyansh ignites a poster, asserting that Arto cannot replace him in the entertainment industry, as his value would diminish if Arto reclaims his career. Amused, he attempts to delete an hour’s worth of CCTV footage in the control room, with Mr. Mehta by his side. However, Imlie and Dhairya arrive at the control room as well. Mr. Mehta grows anxious, urging Reyansh to hasten his actions to avoid being caught. Reyansh advises Mr. Mehta to stay calm and ponders why Imlie always behaves like a detective. Struggling to erase the footage, Reyansh becomes aware of Imlie’s presence, prompting him to come up with an excuse, claiming he was concerned about Arto and wanted to review the footage. Imlie insists on viewing the footage as well.

After numerous attempts, Reyansh eventually manages to delete it. Imlie is left wondering where the crucial one-hour footage has vanished. A sense of trouble befalls her, as she suspects that Arto is in danger. Reyansh, on the other hand, believes that he can prevent her from reaching Arto. He feigns shock, putting on an act. Chini informs the police of her suspicion that Imlie has kidnapped Arto, fueled by her refusal to accept Imlie’s second marriage. Devika supports Chini’s accusation, while Rudra vehemently opposes it, refusing to accept such claims against Imlie. Devika asserts that Rudra is unable to see Imlie’s true colors. Kia suggests that Imlie is capable of kidnapping Arto, citing her past experiences dealing with criminals during her sting operation days.

Dhairya silences Kia. The police make the decision to arrest Imlie, prompting her to retreat to her room momentarily. Imlie ponders how she can find a solution in this dire situation. A female constable assumes that Imlie has escaped, leading Devika to conclude that her disappearance signifies guilt. Rudra, however, believes that there must be a valid reason for Imlie’s actions. Devika implores the police to protect her son from Imlie. Chini maintains her belief that Arto will return safely. Suddenly, Imlie appears disguised as Miss Paty and assures Devika that Arto will come back soon.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie and Kairi find themselves trapped by Reyansh as they embark on their quest to locate Arto. The unexpected turn of events leaves Imlie utterly astonished.

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