Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Virat consoling Sai, assuring her that they will find a solution to Viju’s predicament. Sai turns around and is startled to find Satya eavesdropping on their conversation. Overwhelmed with anger, Satya vents his frustration by breaking things around him. Sai pleads with Satya to listen to her, but he confronts her, asking if Viju Kaka was the one who abandoned his mother. Sai affirms his suspicion, causing Satya to express his wish for Viju’s demise. Sai implores him not to speak in such a manner, emphasizing that Viju needs his family. Satya vehemently declares that he will not show any sympathy towards Viju, the person responsible for their ruined lives, expressing his longstanding hatred for him. Overwhelmed by emotion, Satya breaks down in tears.

Sai embraces Satya, offering him solace. Satya questions why Viju reentered their lives and implores Sai not to inform his mother about Viju’s presence. Sai reveals that Amba already knows about Viju since he came for dinner, and she had asked Sai to keep it a secret from Satya. Satya inquires if his mother is aware of Viju’s illness, to which Sai nods in affirmation. Sai pleads with Satya to meet Viju at least once to seek the answers they both seek. She suggests that Satya’s mother also meets her past love to understand why he left her. Satya contemplates her words and silently departs.

Satya entered Amba’s room and embraced her tightly. Just then, Sai arrived, and Amba noticed Sai’s presence, realizing that Satya had learned the truth. Satya pleaded with his mother, urging her never to meet the man who had caused her so much pain. Sai intervened, explaining that they couldn’t meet Viju again because his time was running out, but she suggested they meet him once to ask why he had abandoned them.

At the hospital, Vijendra informed Virat that his final journey had begun. Virat refused to accept Vijendra’s words, assuring him that everything would be fine. Virat mentioned that he had contacted his son, but the young man had declined to come. Vijendra responded, saying it didn’t matter because he had both Virat and Sai by his side, caring for him. He inquired about Sai’s whereabouts, and Virat informed him that she had gone to fetch a surprise.

Sai entered the room with Satya and Amba. Vijendra recognized Amba and rushed towards her, embracing her with sheer joy. Tears streamed down Amba’s face as Vijendra expressed that she had not been a mere dream to him. He revealed how he had dreamt of her return every single day, and finally, his dream had come true. Vijendra stated that he could now depart from this world in contentment. He asked Amba if meeting him didn’t make her happy, to which Amba replied with uncertainty, recounting the immense pain she had endured because of him.

Amba implored Vijendra to explain why he had abandoned her. Vijendra apologized for not being there for her, recounting the day he had confided in Latha about their relationship. He mentioned that he had promised to take care of Latha’s responsibility, but she couldn’t bear it. Latha had threatened him by holding a gun to her own head, declaring that he would have to go through her lifeless body to reach Amba. Sai’s mind flashed back to Virat’s similar predicament with Pakhi, drawing a parallel between Vijendra’s experience and Virat’s struggle.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ashwini humbly apologizes to Sai for her previous actions of pressuring her to distance herself from Virat. She sincerely expresses her regret and urges Sai to prevent Virat from leaving their lives. Ashwini reveals that Virat has been transferred to a distant location, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. She firmly believes that Virat and Sai are meant to be together, and their separation would be a great loss for both of them. Unbeknownst to them, Satya accidentally overhears their conversation, and just as Sai turns around, she catches sight of Satya’s presence.

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