Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Bheema handing a gun to Sai and instructing her to shoot either Virat or Satya, leaving Sai in utter disbelief. Bheema insists that Sai must shoot one of them, prompting Virat to urge Bheema to address him directly instead of involving Sai. Overwhelmed, Sai reminisces about her moments with both Satya and Virat.

Satya, aware that their marriage was merely a transaction, urges Sai to shoot her, informing her that he had already informed Virat about the deal. However, Virat pleads with Sai not to harm Satya, emphasizing that Bheema’s demands will not be met if any harm comes to either of them. Bheema warns Sai that he will harm everyone unless she eliminates one of them. Satya implores Sai to shoot her, expressing his desire for her reunion with Virat, while Virat implores Sai not to listen to Bheema.

In a desperate turn of events, Sai places the gun against her own head. Bheema intervenes, preventing her from pulling the trigger. He suggests a different approach by making Sai hold the gun and aim it at Virat and Satya. Overwhelmed, Sai shuts her eyes tightly. Suddenly, a gunshot reverberates, shocking Bheema as he witnesses his own associate, Raghav, falling victim to the bullet. Disturbed by this unforeseen consequence, Bheema implores Sai to tend to Raghav’s wounds. Sai agrees, but only on the condition that no harm befall any of the hostages. Bheema reluctantly consents.

Sai and Satya attend to Raghav’s injuries while engaging in a conversation. Sai questions Satya’s motives for urging her to save Virat, to which he responds by acknowledging her affection for Virat and her concern for his well-being. Satya implores Sai to seize the opportunity she has been given to reunite with Virat. However, Sai asserts that the choice ultimately rests with her and cannot be decided by someone else. Observing their actions, the terrorists order Sai and Satya to return to their seats. As Sai nearly stumbles, Virat promptly catches her, preventing her from falling.

The nurse requests Karishma to accompany the distressed baby to the medical camp due to its incessant crying. Karishma swiftly departs upon spotting Vinayak. Meanwhile, Virat realizes he must acquire a gun from Air Marshal. He discreetly informs Bheema of his urgent need to use the restroom, to which Bheema acquiesces. En route to the washroom, Virat accidentally stumbles into Marshal and seizes the opportunity to snatch a pen instead, failing to retrieve the gun. Bheema warns Virat against attempting to outsmart them, to which Virat denies any such intentions.

Realizing that he requires Sai’s assistance to procure the gun, Virat devises a plan and leaves a message for Sai on a tissue paper. Bheema calls for Virat to come out, and Virat complies. He signals Sai to proceed with their plan. Sai claims that she also needs to use the restroom, prompting Bheema to make a mocking remark. Seizing the opportunity, Satya diverts the terrorists’ attention by mentioning that Raghav is regaining consciousness. However, the terrorists prevent Sai from going to the washroom. Bheema instructs one of his men to check if Virat left anything behind, but the search proves futile. Consequently, Bheema allows Sai to enter the washroom. Once inside, Sai discovers and reads Virat’s message, which instructs her to retrieve the gun from the Air Marshal. Sai determines that she must proceed with the task at hand. Disposing of Virat’s note, she successfully secures the gun and directs it at the terrorists, commanding them to place their weapons on the floor.

[Episode End]

Precap : Geethanjali comprehends that Virat will triumph over the terrorists with the assistance of Sai. In an attempt to protect herself, she seizes Savi as a captive and cautions Sai to relinquish her firearms in order to ensure her daughter’s safety. Sai is taken aback by this demand. Unexpectedly, Savi sinks her teeth into Geethanjali’s hand, freeing herself. In the midst of the struggle, a gunshot is fired, causing everyone to become anxious and concerned for Savi’s well-being.

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