Udaariyaan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ekam making a firm resolve to locate the person responsible for trapping him. Balveer, in turn, assures Naaz that he will support Ekam until the end. Renuka expresses her gratitude to Sartaj for rescuing Ekam and suggests celebrating by distributing sweets. Renuka, then, decides to prepare prasaad as an offering to the Goddess. Harleen expresses her desire to take up the responsibility, and Renuka questions her about her knowledge of making prasaad. Harleen proposes seeking Nehmat’s assistance, and Renuka reminds her of the large number of people they need to cater to. Harleen agrees to consider it.

Sartaj reprimands Nehmat for agreeing to prepare prasaad for such a significant number of people, citing her pregnancy as a hindrance. He intends to decline Renuka’s request on Nehmat’s behalf. However, Nehmat intervenes and insists on doing it as a gesture of gratitude towards the Goddess. She emphasizes that Indian women continue to work during pregnancy and asserts her sole responsibility for the child. Nehmat reveals her decision to visit a gynecologist.

During the night, Nehmat ventured into the kitchen and indulged in the custard left there. As she savored each bite, she engaged in a heartfelt conversation with her unborn child, expressing her belief that the baby would enjoy it just as Ekam did. Meanwhile, Ekam searched Nehmat’s room, puzzled by her absence. Concerned about Nehmat’s whereabouts, he wondered where she could be. Within herself, Nehmat made a promise to her baby, vowing to provide a good life and introduce them to her family, assuring them that they would always stand together through thick and thin. As she finished the last morsel and prepared to leave, Ekam arrived.

In Nehmat’s imagination, she envisioned confessing to Ekam that she was consuming his favorite custard because she carried their child, imagining his elation and warm embrace upon hearing the news. However, she quickly returned to reality, realizing that she couldn’t disclose her pregnancy to Ekam since he belonged to Harleen. Curious about Nehmat’s choice of custard, Ekam questioned her, aware that it wasn’t her preferred treat. Nehmat responded simply, stating that she ate it because she was hungry. Ekam kindly offered to cook for her, but Nehmat declined, opting to rest instead due to the upcoming puja the next day. Ekam halted her departure, expressing his desire for Nehmat to participate in the aarti. However, Nehmat firmly declined, urging him to perform the ritual with Harleen, his wife, while emphasizing the importance of respecting her wishes.

The following day, Nehmat prepared to teach Harleen how to make laddu when the Sandhus ladies unexpectedly arrived. Sartaj had brought them along to assist Nehmat, and he kindly arranged for her comfort by providing a cushioned seat. Nehmat expressed her gratitude as the ladies commenced their laddu-making activities. Naaz playfully proposed a laddu-making competition between the daughters-in-law. Sartaj mockingly teased Naaz, but Harleen readily accepted the challenge. Sartaj came to Nehmat’s aid, while Naaz called upon Ekam for assistance. Harleen requested Ekam’s support in securing victory, despite Naaz’s objections that it would be cheating. Sartaj urged Naaz to seek Balveer’s help if she feared losing.

Naaz called out to Balveer, and he joined their ranks. Deliberately, Nehmat allowed Harleen and Ekam to triumph in the competition. Renuka tallied the number of laddus made by each couple and proclaimed Harleen and Ekam as the winners. Nehmat was then summoned to determine the quantity of ghee required for the meal. Sartaj accompanied her, intending to offer his assistance. However, the strong smell of ghee triggered Nehmat’s nausea, causing concern among the family members. Lovely attributed her discomfort to the ghee’s aroma, and Naaz suggested that such symptoms were common during pregnancy, indirectly hinting at the possibility of Nehmat being pregnant.

[Episode End]

Precap : Naaz reveals to Nehmat that Harleen’s selfless act of taking a bullet to protect Nehmat has rendered her unable to conceive a child. This revelation leaves Nehmat utterly astonished.

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