Udaariyaan 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Sartaj reprimanding Nehmat for her careless behavior, despite being pregnant. Nehmat is taken aback by his scolding and realizes that Sartaj is unaware of her pregnancy. Memories of her time with Ekam flood her mind, along with the moments when Sartaj took care of her. Overwhelmed with emotion, she gently holds her stomach, a smile forming on her lips as she realizes she is going to be a mother. In the background, the title song plays, adding to the poignant atmosphere. Sartaj offers her a glass of water, his concern evident.

Curiosity brimming, Nehmat inquires when Sartaj discovered the truth. He confesses that he came across her medical report and deeply apologizes for not informing her sooner. Sartaj admits he knew the child belonged to Ekam and assumed Nehmat was waiting for the right moment to share the news with him. However, she reveals that it’s a complicated situation and she cannot disclose her pregnancy to Ekam. Sartaj insists that Ekam deserves to know, as it is his child. Before they can discuss further, their conversation is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Ekam.

Nehmat suddenly feels lightheaded, and Sartaj rushes to support her. Concerned, Ekam questions why Nehmat has been experiencing frequent dizzy spells. Sartaj quickly comes up with an explanation, mentioning Nehmat’s previous head injury. Determined to take her to the hospital, Ekam offers to accompany her. Sartaj steps in, assuring Ekam that he will take care of Nehmat and suggesting that she is not in a condition to talk. Reluctantly, Ekam departs from the scene as Sartaj remains by Nehmat’s side.

Later, Nehmat finds herself at the gurdwara, where she witnesses a pregnant lady receiving blessings. The sight strikes a chord within her, as she realizes she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if anything were to happen to her own child. Memories of her conversations with Ekam about their future child come rushing back. In the past, Ekam had expressed his belief that Nehmat would be both a mother and father to their child if they were ever separated. In response, she reassured him that they would never be separated because they were Nehmat and Ekam, a united entity.

Returning to the present, Nehmat acknowledges the power of God and acknowledges that no one can defy His will. She laments that Ekam is about to become a father, yet she is unable to share this news with him. She questions the circumstances in which God has placed her. Just then, Sartaj arrives at the gurdwara and begins to pray.

After a while, Sartaj approaches Nehmat and inquires about when she intends to inform Ekam about her pregnancy. He empathizes with her, even though he doesn’t know the full story, but he emphasizes that Ekam, being the child’s father, deserves to know about their unborn child. Nehmat, however, reveals her inability to disclose the pregnancy to Ekam. She believes that it is her responsibility to ensure that Harleen, another individual, becomes closer to Ekam.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat questions Jasmine about her involvement in Ekam’s troubles after he gets arrested for accepting a bribe, despite their separation.

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