Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Angad offering assistance to Sahiba. Sahiba acknowledges his prior assistance and expresses her desire to thank him sincerely. Intrigued, Sahiba questions Angad about his unwavering support, considering he went against his entire family for her. She wonders why he chose to defy the household rules on her behalf. Angad clarifies that he neither violated nor intends to violate any house rules. He explains that by completing her studies, no one in the future will be able to criticize Sahiba’s educational qualifications as a daughter-in-law. Sahiba is taken aback by Angad’s perspective and confesses her inability to fully comprehend him. Subsequently, Sahiba decides to apply for college admission.

Seerat observes Angad’s unwavering support for Sahiba and remarks on her good fortune. Angad dismisses Seerat’s comment, stating that Sahiba does not perceive it in the same manner.

Jabjyot gazes at Angad’s childhood photographs with Manveer, reminiscing about their shared memories. Engaging in conversation, they discuss Angad’s life. Reflecting on the situation, Jabjyot privately concludes that Angad is unlikely to become a parent anytime soon. Prabjyot interjects, commenting on Sahiba’s forthcoming busyness with college commitments. Jabjyot then proceeds to approach Akaal.

Observing Akaal’s simmering anger, Jabjyot attempts to pacify him by engaging in a conversation. Akaal confides in Jabjyot, expressing his disappointment in Angad for the first time as he defied Akaal’s decision. Angad approaches Akaal, seeking to explain his perspective, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to upholding Akaal’s choices. Akaal, unwilling to discuss the matter further, changes the topic and inquires about the visiting clients from Canada. Angad informs Akaal that the clients expressed their desire to meet him. Akaal assigns the responsibility of welcoming the clients to Angad, instructing him to extend a warm reception. Sahiba inadvertently overhears their conversation.

Afterward, Angad steps out to converse with Sahiba. Sahiba discloses that she has an exam the following day. Angad informs her about the important clients visiting their home during the same time. Sahiba assures him that her exam concludes by 2 pm and promises to return home before the clients’ arrival. Angad agrees to her plan.

The next day, Sahiba diligently prepares food for everyone, particularly highlighting Akaal’s favorite dish, Paratha with Paneer. Sahiba shares the news about her entrance exam with the Brar family. Upon hearing this, Akaal expresses his frustration, suggesting that Angad should have canceled the plans since Sahiba won’t be present to greet the guests warmly. Angad reassures Akaal, taking full responsibility and requesting him not to worry. Prabjyot and Hansraj taste the Paratha, asserting that it contains an excessive amount of Mirchi (chili). Veer samples the Paratha and finds it acceptable. Prabjyot enters into a dispute with Veer, while Jasleen supports Prabjyot’s claim. Angad ponders how the same Paratha could have contrasting flavors for different individuals. Manveer makes a comment regarding Sahiba, and Jasleen recalls her own acceptance of not being involved in the family business. She questions why Sahiba can’t adhere to the rules of the household. Gurleen suggests Seerat as the final judge to taste the Paratha. Seerat also identifies an abundance of Mirchi in the dish. Prabjyot and Jasleen continue to criticize Sahiba while Gurleen attempts to pacify them, but their tempers remain unyielding.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad informs Sahiba about the arrival of important clients scheduled for 4 pm that evening, urging her to be prepared. However, Sahiba reveals that she has her college entrance examination on the same day. Angad reminds her of Jabjyot’s condition, emphasizing the importance of her presence. Despite her exam, Sahiba assures Angad that she will manage to be there on time.

As the clients arrive at the Brar mansion, one of them mistakes Seerat for Angad’s wife. Prabjyot intervenes later, correcting the clients’ misconception as Sahiba emerges from her college. Unfortunately, one of the clients makes inappropriate comments, causing Angad to react angrily and raise his hand. Sahiba intervenes swiftly, stopping Angad’s impulsive action.

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