Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With the goons seizing Isha, forcing her into a car. Meanwhile, Mahir and Viaan are indulging in drinks when Viaan inquires, “How did Veer find out?” Mahir speculates that someone is betraying Veer, but the question remains: who could it be? Veer relentlessly searches for Isha and eventually discovers an abandoned van on the roadside. Upon hearing Isha’s voice, he hurriedly rushes towards her. Mahir explains to Viaan that the hunters must have encountered Veer, leading to this situation. Nobody is forcing him into it; rather, someone is intentionally orchestrating everything. Mahir implores Viaan to assist him, to which Viaan asks how he can be of help. Mahir expresses his unwavering trust in Viaan, who eventually agrees to lend his support. Meanwhile, Veer notices Isha and anxiously asks if she’s alright. She assures him that she feels better now and admits that he may grow to despise everyone, but deep down, she knows he’ll come to her rescue. Isha confesses that she misses him and embraces him tightly. Mahir instructs Viaan to meet the hunters alone and uncover the person aiding Isha, after which he must inform Mahir. Viaan questions what he should do with the hunters, to which Mahir cryptically replies that he knows what needs to be done.

Isha and Veer spend quality time together, and she urges him to forget everything that transpired. As long as he’s with her, she assures him that he’ll feel better. Veer questions if she orchestrated this entire drama for their reunion. Isha admits that she invested money to stage the kidnapping, and Veer smiles in understanding. They embrace each other. Meanwhile, Mahir prevents Viaan from leaving and urges him to safeguard his belongings. To Viaan’s astonishment, he discovers his identification card among Mahir’s possessions. Before Viaan can explain, the goons mercilessly beat him. Later, Veer admires Isha as she sleeps, gently stroking her hair. He confesses that he realized that morning that she did a commendable job. At that moment, Isha’s phone rings, and she is shocked by the news she hears. Meanwhile, a doctor tends to Viaan’s injuries, and Isha and Veer rush to the scene. Mahek also arrives and becomes emotional upon witnessing Viaan’s condition. They find a note tucked inside Viaan’s pocket.

Isha receives the letter from him. Mahir cautions Veer about the mistake of sending Viaan to spy on him, giving him a final warning. That’s why he spared Veer’s life. Isha questions Veer, seeking an explanation for everything. Meanwhile, Sikander hands over the stone to his henchman, just as Kavya arrives. She informs him that it won’t be easy to accomplish their task, as they require the blood of an Angira girl. Sikander contacts Mahir and informs him that Veer’s time is up and he should focus on abducting Viaan. Cherry overhears the conversation.

Meanwhile, Isha and the others wait outside anxiously. Isha approaches the nurse to inquire about Viaan’s health and stops Veer from leaving to buy medicine for him. Veer expresses his surprise, and Isha reveals that she stopped talking to him because of his actions. Veer recalls the warning given by the priest.

Meanwhile, Cherry begins packing her belongings to leave. Accidentally, she drops her phone and informs Mahir that she’s going out to buy some cosmetics. Mahir offers to send someone else to do it for her. Cherry exits the room. Mahir’s mother comments on Cherry’s odd behavior, and Mahir excuses himself to make a phone call. He hears Cherry’s phone ringing from her room and becomes suspicious. He checks her room and discovers the phone there. He instructs his henchman to stop the car. Mahir confronts Cherry, demanding an explanation. He questions if she betrayed him and if she is supporting Veer. Cherry apologizes and reveals her true intentions. She confesses that she came to reveal the truth to him. Mahir transforms into his true self, and the goons are ordered to attack him. In the midst of the chaos, Cherry attempts to escape but falls down. Veer arrives at the scene and fights off the goons. Cherry informs Veer that she has something important to share with him, and she proceeds to reveal everything.

[Episode End]

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