Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with a conversation between Veer and Armaan. In order to bring happiness to Isha and Veer, Veer takes the initiative to join their hands together, promising that he will stand by their side as a friend. Veer then queries Isha if her dilemma has subsided, but Isha remains silent, withholding her response. Meanwhile, Raima shares news about the reappearance of Sikandar in Landslade, leaving everyone perplexed. They wonder how Sikandar managed to return. Raima explains that Sikandar never died; instead, he has been reconstructing himself to seek revenge. Raima suggests a way to defeat Sikandar by utilizing a tool made from a specific tree that can inflict harm upon him.

Sikandar rallies their spirits with his inspiring words and urges them to fight against the human race. He plans to divide his army into two groups. Meanwhile, Mahir engages in boxing practice, and Cherry unexpectedly joins him. Mahir appears visibly distressed as he was forcibly transformed into a Mahish werewolf. He deeply regrets hurting Cherry and confesses that he attempted to open up to her but couldn’t find the words. Cherry struggles to comprehend how she should react to the situation, and both of them make an effort to navigate their relationship.

Cherry questioned Mahir, wondering why he hadn’t informed her earlier. However, Mahir remained silent, assuring her that he would stand by her side in the future. Drawing closer, he embraced Cherry warmly, and she reciprocated, accepting his proposal. Meanwhile, Veer, Armaan, and Cherry embarked on a quest to find the legendary tree, only to discover it had vanished. Their hearts sank upon learning that Sikandar, upon gaining power, had mercilessly burned down the tree. The trio grew anxious, pondering how they could restrain Sikandar’s malevolence.

In search of an alternative solution, Veer turned to Raima and inquired whether there existed any other method to vanquish Sikandar. Raima suggested fashioning a knife from the ashes of the destroyed tree, hoping it would be the key to Sikandar’s demise. Unfortunately, their efforts with this tool proved futile, as it failed to deliver the final blow to Sikandar.

Realizing their inability to defeat Sikandar on their own, Armaan asserted that they required assistance from others. Veer, feeling hesitant due to his secret identity as a werewolf, was implored by Isha and others to seek the guidance of the secret council. Ultimately, Veer mustered the courage to approach the secret council, confessing his true nature. Maya, upon discovering the truth, was left astounded. However, Veer elucidated his motivations and reasoning behind his actions, eventually focusing on Sikandar’s animosity.

In a bid to rally support, Veer extended an invitation to Maya and the other secret council members, urging them to join forces in preparing a weapon using the tree’s ashes. Maya, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, agreed to aid them in saving Landslade. With Raima taking charge, the magical knife was meticulously crafted, with the understanding that it could end the life of anyone who harmed Sikandar.

Meanwhile, Veer and Isha dedicated themselves to honing their swordsmanship skills, with Veer urging Isha to remain focused during their practice sessions. As their training progressed, Sikandar, now in command, dispatched his army to annihilate the inhabitants of Landslade, specifically targeting the Oberoy Brothers, whom he wished to capture alive.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahek updates Veer, Isha, and Armaan about Sikandar’s arrival at the Landslade accompanied by his army. Sikandar orders his forces to capture the Oberoy Brothers. In a fit of rage, Sikandar confronts Veer, only to be swiftly wounded by Veer’s knife. Sensing the urgency, Isha joins in by launching an arrow that pierces Sikandar’s chest.

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