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Rabb Se Hai Dua 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with a tense scene as Ruhan grips Dua’s throat tightly. Eihchaaz believes it’s his turn now and strikes Ruhan from behind, causing both Ruhan and Dua to collapse. In the midst of the chaos, Haider mistakenly utters Dua’s name and pleads for her forgiveness. However, Gazal corrects him, revealing herself as Gazal, not Dua. Haider confesses his feelings for her, but Gazal, intending to take advantage of his love for Dua, insists that he refrain from mentioning Dua’s name and instead focus on their relationship. Haider, still under the misconception that Gazal is Dua, expresses his emotions for her. Eihchaaz realizes that Gazal won’t let him go if something were to happen to Ruhan and desperately tries to wake them up, reflecting on his selfish actions motivated by money. Haider implores Gazal not to abandon him, but her patience wears thin with his repeated references to Dua. Annoyed, she grabs a flower vase with the intention of hitting him and reveals her true feelings while attempting to initiate a romantic encounter.

Elsewhere, Gulnaaz informs Ravi that Dua is not answering her calls and expresses concern about her whereabouts. Ravi suggests heading to the location. Eihchaaz anxiously checks if Ruhan and Dua are still alive, feeling a sense of relief and gratitude towards God for helping him. He fears the consequences of the police implicating him if anything were to happen to them. Meanwhile, Haider grows suspicious about Gazal’s true identity and questions her directly, asking if she is indeed Dua. Gazal seizes the opportunity to manipulate him, but he rejects her advances and pushes her away. Eihchaaz is thrilled to discover a substantial amount of money nearby, surpassing anything he has ever seen in his life. Memories of Dua slapping him resurface, fueling his desire to harm her. Later, Gulnaaz arrives at the scene, and Hafeez urges her to remain in the car for her own safety. However, she insists on accompanying them, disregarding the potential danger. Gazal implores Haider to cooperate with her, while Eihchaaz taunts Dua, claiming that everyone will mourn her death while Gazal and Haider spend a romantic night together. Confused, Haider questions Gazal’s presence, and she pleads for his love. In response, he demands that she leave him alone and forcefully pushes her to the ground, causing her pain. Haider mumbles in his sleep, prompting Gazal to believe that he frequently mentions Dua’s name. Nonetheless, she resolves that from now on, he will only hear her own name. Struggling to rise, Gazal desperately calls out for help.

Gulnaaz presented the chili powder and pepper spray to them, showcasing her preparedness. Ravi commended her for being proactive. Eihchaaz diligently recorded everything on his mobile device. Sneaking into the warehouse, Ravi cautioned Gulnaaz against shouting to avoid being discovered. Eihchaaz concealed Ruhan from sight, ensuring his safety. Attempting to wake Ruhan, he asked if he was awake and inquired about the person who had attacked him from behind. Eihchaaz revealed that Hafeez was responsible for the assault and credited himself for Ruhan’s escape. He mentioned that even Ruhan’s mother was against him, but assured him that they would unveil the truth that day. Eihchaaz urged Ruhan not to act rashly and suggested discussing the matter with Gazal before making any decisions. He reminded Ruhan to recall Gazal’s previous statements, then carefully helped him to the ground, emphasizing caution.

Amidst their mission, Gulnaaz noticed Dua’s presence and attempted to wake her. Dua regained consciousness and confirmed that she sensed Ruhan’s presence. Eihchaaz, suspecting someone else’s involvement, approached Dua from behind and momentarily strangled her. Their search for Ruhan commenced, and Dua spotted him in the vicinity. Both Gulnaaz and Dua made efforts to revive Ruhan, expressing concern over his injuries. They decided to take him home while the doctor examined him. Gulnaaz expressed gratitude to the doctor for saving Ruhan, and Dua thanked her for rescuing her life. Witnessing Ruhan regain consciousness, Gulnaaz felt a sense of joy. Dua and Gulnaaz confided in him, revealing that Gazal had been blackmailing them for an extended period. Ruhan realized that Gazal intended to ruin their lives and acknowledged her acting skills. Dua departed from the scene, distancing herself.

[Episode End]

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