Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode began with Pratiksha expressing her satisfaction with Ravi putting sindoor in her maang (parting of the hair). Ravi questioned why she wasn’t wearing sindoor that day, but Pratiksha chose not to disclose the involvement of Mandip. Mandip taunted Pratiksha, but she responded firmly, declaring that enough was enough. She had endured enough humiliation, and she wouldn’t tolerate Mandip’s nonsense any longer. Pratiksha acknowledged that Mandip had already committed the worst act by wiping off her sindoor. Ravi overheard this and retorted to Mandip that such cheap acts didn’t suit someone as classy as her. Pratiksha confronted Mandip, telling her that if she didn’t want Pratiksha in her house or Ravi’s life, she should pursue a divorce.

Mandip’s husband contacted their lawyer to ensure Kavya’s release on bail the following morning, so she could return home. The next morning, Kavya indeed came back home, and Mandip embraced her, expressing concern for her well-being. Mandip urged Ravi to be more cautious around Pratiksha. Ravi, however, stated that they should be grateful to Pratiksha because if she hadn’t arrived at the police station in time, their predicament would have made the news, jeopardizing their reputation. Mandip insisted that Ravi shouldn’t take Pratiksha’s side since Kavya was his lawful wife, and he should support her. Ravi pointed out that legally, Pratiksha was his wife as well. He also acknowledged that Pratiksha was a resourceful woman who had been fighting alone for a long time without resorting to any wrongful actions. Kavya informed Mandip that Ravi didn’t care about her love for him. In response, Ravi clarified that he had never loved Kavya and that she was just a friend. He had only married her due to family and societal pressure.

Mandip informed Pratiksha that she must be elated as she had supposedly used black magic to win Ravi’s affections. Pratiksha refuted this claim, stating that Ravi was naturally drawn to her because they both stood for the truth and supported each other whenever needed. She believed they were meant for each other, and Pratiksha considered herself Ravi’s ideal wife and the perfect daughter-in-law for the Randhawa family. Dismissing Mandip’s remarks as nonsensical, she informed Pratiksha that her sister would be returning home, advising her to stay away. According to Mandip, Kavya, who was legally married to Ravi, would take care of everything, and Pratiksha should refrain from interfering in the family matters of the Randhawas. With that, Mandip left the room.

After a brief break, Pratiksha struggled to tie the lace of her blouse when Ravi arrived to help her. As they gazed at each other in the mirror, Pratiksha playfully mentioned that Ravi’s actions made her feel ticklish. Ravi clarified that he was only trying to assist her, not tickle her. He jokingly questioned if Pratiksha was behaving like a child by feeling ticklish. Pratiksha argued, explaining that being ticklish had no connection to age. To settle the matter, she suggested conducting a tickle test to determine if adults could also feel ticklish. They playfully engaged in a tickle fight, which resulted in Pratiksha falling onto Ravi on the bed.

Ravi gently caressed Pratiksha, and they shared an intimate moment together. Soon, Pratiksha stood up, and both of them felt a slight discomfort. While Pratiksha was putting on her earrings, Ravi stared at her reflection in the mirror, contemplating why he had been so captivated by her and why his heart beat faster in her presence. Catching Ravi’s gaze in the mirror, Pratiksha smiled.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mandip’s sister makes her way back home from the vibrant city of Paris.

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