Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commenced with Mandip expressing to Pratiksha that her aspirations would never come to fruition. In response, Pratiksha confidently asserted that her dreams would indeed come true. Mandip’s husband intervened and reprimanded her for her actions, emphasizing that physically abusing her was a criminal offense, capable of leading to their arrest by the police. However, Mandip remained obstinate and refused to heed her husband’s advice.

As a result, Ravi found himself confined within the lockup, much to Kavya’s delight, who promptly seized the opportunity to create yet another disturbance. In a plea to the inspector, Ravi requested that Pratiksha be contacted on his behalf. Kavya, curious about Ravi’s motive, inquired as to why he had reached out to Pratiksha. Ravi, exhausted by the ongoing drama, expressed his frustration, stating that even within the police station, the chaos seemed unending. He urged Kavya to maintain composure and cease causing a ruckus, cautioning her that such behavior could also result in her confinement. Ravi found solace in Pratiksha’s victory over Kavya in their recent challenge.

Observing Manvi’s support for Pratiksha, Beeji was questioned about her allegiance. Beeji clarified that she stood by Pratiksha’s side because she was in the right, and despite enduring torture, Pratiksha remained true to her values. Beeji further emphasized that a woman’s sindoor, a symbol of marital status, is only wiped away upon her husband’s demise. Mandip, however, had committed this act against Pratiksha without any justifiable reason or cause, leading Beeji to condemn her actions.

Pratiksha sat alone in her room, her tears flowing uncontrollably as she dwelled on the painful incident. Sensing her distress, Parul entered the room, hoping to offer some solace. Pratiksha confided in Parul, expressing that this event had shattered her like nothing before, not even her father’s passing. The sindoor adorning her forehead held immense significance for her.

Parul, trying to console her, suggested that Pratiksha put the sindoor back on her forehead herself. However, Pratiksha responded, stating that only her husband had the right to apply it for her. Determined, she declared that she would fight for her rights and reclaim what was rightfully hers. She resolved that Ravi would place the sindoor in her mang once again, this time in front of Mandip. Furthermore, Pratiksha vowed to make Mandip witness her seeking blessings, ensuring that everyone saw it.

Meanwhile, Manvi sat beside Mandip, continuously planting seeds of doubt and animosity against Pratiksha. She manipulated Mandip’s thoughts, turning her against Pratiksha. Just then, Pratiksha received an urgent call from the city police station near Manali. The news delivered was devastating—Ravi had been arrested. Mandip stormed into the room, berating Pratiksha and demanding that she leave the Randhawa house since she was no longer needed.

Pratiksha, however, stood her ground and asserted that Mandip did need her at that moment. Handing the phone to Mandip, she let her hear the police inspector’s words about Ravi’s arrest and the request for her presence at the police station. Beeji, overhearing the news, grew worried about Ravi, but Pratiksha tried to reassure her. Mandip immediately called her husband, instructing him to accompany her to the police station.

After the interruption, Kavya confronted Ravi, expressing her profound sense of insult like never before. Ravi chose to remain silent, prompting Kavya to escalate the argument further. As Kavya continued to engage in a heated exchange with the inspector, Ravi grew increasingly annoyed. Soon after, Pratiksha, Parul, Dadi, and others arrived at the police station. Kavya felt upset when Ravi instructed the police to call Pratiksha, as she desperately wished to avoid Pratiksha’s presence there. Kavya feared that Pratiksha’s arrival would expose her and Ravi’s unconventional marriage, which could lead to potential trouble with the authorities, given Ravi’s legal wife status. Unable to control her constant bickering, Ravi implored Kavya to calm down. Amidst the commotion, Beeji arrived at the police station in tears, questioning Ravi about his arrest. Pratiksha introduced herself to the inspector as Ravi’s wife, which prompted the police officer to inquire if she was aware of how Ravi was apprehended. He also accused Ravi of squandering money and deceiving Pratiksha. Observing Beeji’s presence, Kavya turned to her and requested that she inform the police about her knowledge of Ravi’s marriage to Kavya. Confused and unsure, Beeji found herself contemplating how to respond to the authorities.

[Episode End]

Precap : Pratiksha’s long-awaited dream was about to be realized.

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