Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds as the Police arrive at Randhava’s residence and inform Pratiksha that she is being placed under arrest. Taken aback, Pratiksha exclaims, “Under arrest?” The inspector explains that Kavya had called and accused Pratiksha of disguising herself and attempting to steal from her house. The inspector further reveals that Kavya has provided photographic evidence to support her claim. Refusing to accept the accusations, Pratiksha vehemently denies any wrongdoing, asserting, “It’s a lie! We haven’t stolen anything.”

Seizing the opportunity, Kavya insists that the lady constable should search Pratiksha. An air of suspicion engulfs Pratiksha as she observes Kavya’s unwavering confidence. Kinjal, standing beside Pratiksha, interjects, asserting their innocence, “We haven’t taken anything.” However, Kavya dismisses Kinjal’s involvement, instructing her to refrain from interfering. The constable performs the search and concludes that there is nothing incriminating on Pratiksha’s person.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Kavya suggests that Pratiksha might have concealed the stolen necklace somewhere in her room. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Kinjal urges Dadi to exhibit the same courage she had displayed when dealing with the fake IT officers. Determined to clear Pratiksha’s name, Dadi boldly asserts, “I know nothing has been stolen from this house, and I will personally guide them through Pratiksha’s room.”

Mandip declares her willingness to identify the necklace and accompanies the police to do so. Pratiksha, puzzled, questions the emergence of a new conspiracy. Kavya sternly states that she is exacting punishment for Pratiksha’s past actions. In response, Pratiksha asserts her intention to retaliate. Kavya confidently asserts that the one who gets caught is the true thief. Pratiksha, undeterred, claims that while Kavya may deceive the police, she cannot deceive her. Kavya warns Pratiksha that her capture is imminent. A flashback reveals Manvi devising a plan to frame Pratiksha in a theft case, with Mandip and Kavya planting the necklace in Pratiksha’s room.

An inspector arrives and announces that they have discovered the necklace in Pratiksha’s room, leading to her arrest. Dadi fervently defends Pratiksha’s innocence. The inspector explains that they found the necklace in Pratiksha’s room and saw Kavya wearing the same necklace in her wedding album. Pratiksha pleads for a five-minute opportunity. Mockingly, Kavya suggests that she seeks assistance from her husband. Pratiksha assures them that she will return after changing her clothes.

Adi drops Ravi off near his car, and Ravi heads to the airport. Adi prays that Pratiksha realizes the depth of Ravi’s love for her. Meanwhile, Kavya spots Pratiksha emerging in a different outfit and taunts her. Pratiksha firmly rebukes her, proclaiming that the battle is not yet over. Amar inquires with Dadi about her intended conversation. Dadi implores Amar to prevent Pratiksha’s arrest, but he regretfully admits his inability to help.

Ravi ponders about Pratiksha while his driver announces their arrival at the airport. Expressing gratitude, Ravi disembarks from the car. Pratiksha returns to the inspector and expresses her gratitude for granting her time. She instructs Kinjal to go home, and Kinjal, contemptuous towards the Randhawa family, asserts that she will secure Pratiksha’s release and contact Ravi. However, Pratiksha forbids her from calling Ravi and urges her to seek their uncle’s assistance instead. The police arrest Pratiksha and escort her away.

Kinjal confronts the Randhawa family, reminding them that Pratiksha is their daughter-in-law and questioning how they could unjustly treat her. Kavya responds with a snide remark, demanding that Kinjal leave. Hurt, Kinjal declares her aversion towards them and departs.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha finds herself confined in a jail cell. Kinjal reaches out to Adi, who answers her call. Worriedly, Kinjal inquires about Ravi’s whereabouts since his phone is unreachable. Adi, unaware of Ravi’s situation, expresses his confusion and asks why she is stressed. Kinjal reveals Kavya’s false complaint against Pratiksha and her plan to have her arrested. Concerned, Adi contacts the driver and learns that he dropped Ravi off at the airport. Adi informs Kinjal that Ravi has a connecting flight from Mumbai to London and promises to notify him about Pratiksha’s arrest as soon as they get in touch. Determined, Pratiksha resolves to teach Kavya and Mandip a lesson. Adi sends a message to Ravi, urgently requesting him to call him back. Ravi promptly returns Adi’s call, and Adi informs him about Pratiksha’s arrest. Without hesitation, Ravi decides to return immediately, prioritizing Pratiksha over his scheduled meeting.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ravi’s frustration intensifies whenever he fails to secure a return flight ticket. In response to this, Kavya confides her fears in Manvi.

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