Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Pratiksha and Kavya engaged in a heated argument. Pratiksha, observing the occasion of Teej, declares her decision not to engage in any fights that day. However, Kavya accuses her of being afraid of losing the challenge. Frustrated with Kavya’s negativity, Pratiksha urges her to refrain from speaking if she cannot say anything positive. Kavya retaliates by threatening to publicly insult Pratiksha and reveal her true position in the Randhawa house unless she retreats to her room. Though Kavya’s words sting, Pratiksha chooses to remain silent.

Meanwhile, Adi comments to Kinjal about how cute she looks when she talks without pausing. In an accidental turn of events, Ravi gets hit by a piece of Pratiksha’s cloth. Pratiksha promptly apologizes and gently caresses Ravi’s face. Expressing his gratitude, Ravi thanks her, but Pratiksha downplays her gesture, citing Ravi’s past assistance as the reason for her small act of kindness. However, their conversation takes a sour turn, leading Ravi to declare that he now believes Pratiksha to be heartless.

Elsewhere, Mandip inquires with Deep about the dhol and gidda artists. Deep assures him that the artists will be arranged soon and apologizes for their earlier disagreement. Just as things seem to settle down, Kavya interrupts the tranquility by berating Pratiksha for her interaction with Ravi. Kavya finds it hard to accept Pratiksha’s tender moment with Ravi and proceeds to pick fights over trivial matters once again. This time, Pratiksha refuses to stay silent and promises to teach Kavya the manners her family failed to instill in her. Witnessing her daughter’s humiliation, Kavya’s mother becomes upset.

Meanwhile, Ravi’s sister returns to the Randhawa house, and Kavya wastes no time informing her about the ongoing challenge. Kavya’s sister-in-law vows to do something that will make everyone mock Pratiksha. Later, Manvi asks Mandip which woman he envisions as Ravi’s wife—Kavya or Pratiksha. Manvi hints that Mandip might have overlooked the fact that Ravi and Pratiksha have not only been arguing but have also begun developing feelings for each other. Concerned about the situation, Manvi expresses her worry that if this continues, Kavya will lose her position as Ravi’s wife, and Pratiksha will become his lawful partner.

After the intermission, Ravi gathered everyone’s attention for an exciting announcement. Unfortunately, the dholki artists had yet to arrive, so Adi proposed a delightful idea to entertain the guests: playing some games. They unanimously decided on musical chairs. Amidst the planning, Kavya came up with a playful suggestion that the winner would have the coveted opportunity to embrace Ravi in a warm hug. Kavya, once again, approached Pratiksha and began teasing her relentlessly. Kavya’s relentless taunts and insults towards Pratiksha seemed never-ending. However, Kinjal stepped in and approached Pratiksha, assuring her that only she had the right to embrace Ravi and encouraging her to participate in the game. Initially reluctant, Pratiksha hesitated to join but eventually succumbed to Daadi’s persuasive words, deciding not to give up without even trying. Meanwhile, Manvi and Mandip provided Kavya with a boost of confidence, uplifting her spirits.

[Episode End]

Precap : During their game, Pratiksha accidentally tripped, but Ravi quickly came to her aid. However, their assistance sparked another argument between them.

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