Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Radha igniting a fire to ward off the cold. Meanwhile, Mohan inquires the Watchman about the cause of his fright. The Watchman explains that he didn’t catch sight of the chudail’s face, but she pushed him and swiftly fled the scene. He also recalls hearing a cat’s sound. Tulsi ponders whether the Watchman is referring to Radha. Inside the house, Gungun keeps a close watch on Damini and Kaveri. She attempts to contact Radha, but receives no response. Damini tries to make a move, but Gungun halts her. Damini informs Gungun about her need to use the washroom. Gungun explains that Mohan doesn’t trust Damini, hence she must leave the door open. Kadambari arrives and offers milk to Gungun, agreeing with her decision. She mentions her inability to go against Mohan’s wishes. Damini assures her that she won’t go anywhere and settles on the sofa.

Mohan observes that the Watchman is inebriated. Ketki advises Mohan not to waste any more time. In a desperate attempt, he loudly calls out Radha’s name, seeking her location and a signal from her. Fearing divine retribution, he implores Lord Krishna not to punish him in such a manner. Meanwhile, Radha loses consciousness.

Kadambari becomes increasingly anxious as Mohan fails to answer her call. Gungun tries to reassure her, asserting Mohan’s unwavering commitment to bringing Radha back. Expressing her concern, Kadambari explains that she worries because Mohan has yet to find Radha. Gungun reminds her that if they sincerely prayed, Lord Krishna will heed their entreaties. With faith in her heart, she offers a prayer to Lord Krishna, and Kadambari joins in for Radha’s safety.

Radha gradually regains consciousness and realizes that her protective shield is engulfed in flames. She urgently calls out for help, refusing to accept defeat because she has a life to live for the sake of Gungun and Mohan. Imploring Lord Krishna to rescue her, she seeks divine intervention.

Mohan believes that Radha is present and he confides in Ketki, expressing his concerns about Radha being in danger. Ketki suggests that they have a single option to locate Radha. Ajeet proposes informing the police, and Mohan agrees, mentioning that having Radha with him could strengthen his case for Gungun’s custody. They depart from their current location.

While driving, Mohan suddenly senses a call from Radha and decides to stop the car. As he rushes towards the source, he stumbles and falls down.

Tulsi deduces that if Mohan senses Radha’s presence, she must indeed be there. Ketki and Ajeet assist Mohan in getting back on his feet. They reassure Mohan that Radha is not present since they didn’t hear her voice. Ajeet suggests heading to the police station to file a complaint. They proceed from that place.

Meanwhile, inside the cold storage room, Radha accidentally brushes against a shelf, causing ice cubes to tumble onto her hand. The noise captures everyone’s attention. Mohan asks Ketki if she heard the sound.

[Episode End]

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