Meet 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet being taken aback by the orphanage manager’s revelation that Akhil is the child who owns the belongings. The child runs towards Meet and embraces her, calling her “mumma,” but she doesn’t feel any connection. Meet reminisces about the strong bond she felt with Cheeku when he called her “mumma,” leaving her puzzled about how this is possible. She believes that the child before her is not her own, but Cheeku is. Despite the manager’s insistence that Akhil is the rightful owner, Meet asserts that her mother’s heart is certain that Cheeku is her child. She informs the manager that she and her husband had intended to adopt Cheeku regardless and requests a DNA test.

Meanwhile, someone informs Sarkar that Meet is determined to adopt Cheeku. The manager mocks Meet, accusing her of being a heartless mother who refuses to accept her own child. He denies her permission to take Cheeku unless she provides proof. Meet declares that she will bring the DNA test reports by evening and requests them to wait. Sumeet is busy decorating the house to welcome Cheeku, while Gunwanti pretends to assist him. Sumeet asks for her help to lift him up so he can hang balloons on the board. Mahendra questions Gunwanti about the ulterior motive behind her newfound affection, suspecting that she is playing a new game. Gunwanti admits that she is trying to impress Meet by showing affection for Sumeet and Cheeku, hoping that Meet will make them partners in the factory.

Meet affectionately calls Cheeku and pulls him into a warm embrace. Curiosity fills Cheeku’s eyes as he asks when they will take him to Sumeet. Expressing his fear of the orphanage and his deep longing for Sumeet, Cheeku confides in Cheeku. Manmeet notices a drawing by Cheeku, depicting his family, which tugs at his heartstrings. Determined to reassure Cheeku, Meet assures him that he will soon be back home with his family. Puzzled by Sarkar’s recent visit to the orphanage, where he met with the attendant and manager but not Cheeku, Meet and Manmeet contemplate Sarkar’s intentions.

After Meet and Manmeet depart, Shagun arrives at the orphanage, expressing her desire to adopt a child. Sumeet, excitedly, guides Meet and Manmeet into the house, instructing them to keep their eyes closed. When they open their eyes, they are greeted by the heartwarming sight of the decorations Sumeet has prepared for Cheeku. Meet’s face lights up with joy at the beautiful display. Sumeet shares her preparations, including clearing space in her cupboard for Cheeku, dividing toys, and creating a timetable for playtime and studies. Filled with admiration, Meet promises Sumeet that he will bring her beloved Cheeku home very soon. Sumeet mentions her plan to perform a hawan (a ritualistic fire ceremony) for Cheeku’s well-being. Gunwanti offers to arrange all the necessary materials upon hearing this.

Manmeet is taken aback by Gunwanti’s sudden change in behavior. Meet, however, believes that her reunion with her long-lost son has brought about this positive transformation, and he sees it as a good sign. Sumeet inquires about DNA, and Meet explains that it is the thread that binds loved ones together. Sumeet playfully interprets it as “Dear Near Apne” (meaning loved ones who are near and dear), bringing a smile to Manmeet’s face. Meanwhile, Masoom arrives with a gift for Sumeet and witnesses Gunwanti instructing Lata to carefully cut the fruits to impress Meet. Masoom presents Sumeet with a locket containing a pendant of Mata Rani, just like the one Cheeku has. Sumeet discloses that she had given the same locket to Sarkar to return to Cheeku once he returned from the hospital. The episode concludes with Meet realizing that Sarkar had already known about Cheeku’s true identity as her child.

[Episode End]

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