Maitree 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sona imparting her blessings upon Maitree and Nandini. Sona emphasizes that they must unite to confront the formidable Ravan Saransh. Drawing a parallel, she urges Nandini to support Maitree just as Lakshman supported Ram. Their mission is to rescue Harsh from Saransh’s clutches. Maitree expresses her determination to vanquish Harsh with the divine blessings bestowed by Sona.

Meanwhile, Saransh recklessly speeds in his car, inadvertently colliding with Sachin’s bike. Sachin confronts Saransh, questioning his reckless driving and suspecting him of being intoxicated. Recognizing Sachin as Maitree’s brother, Saransh spots Harsh in the rear seat and evades Sachin’s inquiry about his whereabouts. Ignoring Sachin’s pursuit, Saransh abruptly drives away, leaving Sachin with no choice but to give chase.

Nandini and Maitree find themselves standing at a crossroads, facing a crucial decision. Nandini emphasizes the importance of choosing one path, prompting Maitree to take on the responsibility of making the choice. Filled with uncertainty, Nandini prays fervently, seeking divine guidance to lead them down the right path. Suddenly, Maitree’s attention is drawn to the sight of Ram Ji’s flag, which compels her to select a direction.

Meanwhile, Sachin halts his bike in front of Saransh’s car, only to face an unexpected attack. Saransh coldly shoots Sachin in the arm and proceeds to damage Harsh’s phone before swiftly making his escape. Determined to uncover crucial information discreetly, Maitree implores Gupta to trace a phone number, all the while ensuring her father remains unaware of her actions. Gupta eventually reveals the location, instilling a sense of reassurance in Maitree, who confidently asserts that they are on the correct path.

During their journey, Maitree’s car is intercepted by distressed individuals pleading for assistance in transporting a gunshot victim to the hospital. Stepping out of the vehicle, Maitree discovers that the injured person is none other than Sachin. Overwhelmed with emotion, she pleads with Nandini to help transport Sachin to the hospital. Sachin insists that the people present will take care of him, urging Maitree instead to save Harsh from Saransh’s clutches. Though Harsh regains consciousness momentarily and attempts to thwart Saransh, his efforts prove futile, causing him to lose consciousness once more.

Pressured by Sachin, Maitree reluctantly departs from the scene, leaving Sachin in the care of the concerned individuals. They quickly transfer Sachin to another vehicle and rush him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Saransh arrives at his drug factory, where he is greeted by his loyal workers who express their delight at his return. Saransh instructs them to bring Harsh, who is still unconscious, from his car. Complying with his command, the workers bring Harsh forward. Saransh then proposes a plan for revenge and seeks the cooperation of his employees, who readily agree to assist him.

Meanwhile, Maitree and Nandini find themselves at a particular location, only to be suddenly accosted by a group of thugs who forcibly abduct them. In another part of the compound, Saransh prepares to inject drugs into Harsh’s body. Unexpectedly, Harsh regains his strength and courageously fights back, delivering a severe beating to Saransh. However, Saransh manages to overcome Harsh’s resistance and administers a powerful dose of drugs, rendering Harsh unconscious once again. Convinced that the injection will render Harsh lifeless, Saransh questions his accomplice about the completion of their task. The man assures Saransh that the work has been done and reveals how they kidnapped both Nandini and Maitree. In a chilling turn of events, Saransh orders his henchman to shoot both Maitree and Nandini.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bajrang comes to the rescue and successfully saves both Maitree and Nandini from danger.

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