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Main Hoon Aparajita 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Aparajita positioned before Lord Shiva, questioning His tendency to test those who worship Him. Aparajita queries why He doesn’t evaluate individuals like Mohini instead. She implores Lord Shiva to clarify the wrongdoing she committed and questions whether she truly deserves such trials. Aparajita discloses that she stands before Him as a mother of four daughters. Expressing her conviction, she asserts that Mohini should face consequences for her actions. Aparajita states that if Mohini remains unpunished, her trust in Lord Shiva will waver. As Aparajita prepares to depart the temple, her saree inadvertently gets entangled near the deity.

At that moment, Kabir approaches Aparajita and informs her that they have discovered Mohini’s whereabouts. He requests her assistance in apprehending Mohini. Curious, Aparajita inquires about the nature of the help required. Kabir suggests that Aparajita should send a message to Mohini, and she is certain to respond. Following Kabir’s advice, Aparajita composes a text, notifying Mohini that Akshay has fallen into a coma and Nia’s condition is deteriorating rapidly. Aparajita pleads for her presence as a mother. Mohini reads the message.

Arjun confronts Asmit, placing the blame on him for Akshay’s current condition. Asmit defends himself, stating that everything he did was for Akshay’s better future. Arjun sternly warns Asmit, making it clear that this is his final ultimatum: if Asmit interferes in his affairs again, he will sever their relationship. Without waiting for a response, Arjun storms off, disregarding Asmit’s words. In that moment, Dadi arrives and finds Asmit there. Asmit pleads with Dadi not to jeopardize both children’s futures while only considering one side. He then walks away. Meanwhile, Amma prays to Lord Shiva, seeking his assistance.

Disha regains consciousness, puzzled by the fact that she is no longer in her wedding attire. Asha enters the room and embraces Disha, who becomes anxious and demands to know where her wedding dress is. Mohini contacts Aparajita and inquires about Nia’s well-being. The police team initiates a search for Mohini’s current location. Aparajita informs Mohini that Nia is emotionally shattered and advises her to take Nia along. Mohini, however, refuses to let Aparajita entangle Nia in her schemes, recognizing that Aparajita can care for Nia better than she can. Aparajita engages Mohini in a conversation while the officer tracks Mohini’s live location and relays the information to Kabir. Kabir swiftly contacts his team, instructing them to apprehend Mohini.

Disha descends the stairs and immediately notices the absence of the mandap. Perplexed, she approaches Asha and inquires about what happened and where her beloved Arjun is. Meanwhile, the police team successfully apprehends Mohini and places her under arrest. Kabir receives the news of Mohini’s arrest and expresses his gratitude to Aparajita for her assistance. Aparajita, feeling grateful herself, expresses her thanks to a higher power. Soon after, Asha receives a call from Aparajita, informing her that Disha has regained consciousness. Without hesitation, Aparajita rushes to Disha’s side to offer her support.

Disha steps outside the house, only to be confronted by mocking comments from the residents of the colony. They disclose the unfortunate truth of the bride swap to Disha. Aparajita arrives at the scene and chastises the women of the colony for their behavior, staunchly defending Disha. Overwhelmed, Disha implores Aparajita to explain the situation to her. Aparajita assures her that she will reveal everything when the time is right. Puzzled, Disha questions why the colony residents are claiming that Nia is Arjun’s wife and where Arjun himself is. Just then, Arjun appears and assures Disha that he will always be by her side. Overjoyed, Disha embraces him. The curious colony people inquire about Arjun’s marital status, to which Disha firmly instructs them to keep quiet and affirms that she is the one who is married to Arjun. She turns to Nia, urging her to confirm the truth. However, Aparajita intervenes and escorts Disha back inside.

Meanwhile, Kabir proceeds with the interrogation of Mohini, who attempts to bribe him. Unswayed by her offer, Kabir dismisses her advances. Defiantly, Mohini claims that she will bribe his senior officer to secure her release. Seeking answers, Disha implores Aparajita to reveal the truth. Aparajita reassures Disha that the police investigation will uncover the truth, as Mohini is currently under scrutiny. Mohini, however, confronts Kabir, accusing him of assisting Akshay’s family and going to great lengths for Chavi. Kabir insists that he is merely fulfilling his duty. Mohini threatens to destroy Aparajita’s family if she ends up in jail. Unfazed, Kabir asserts that her threats hold no power over him. Mohini reveals that Akshay’s house is set to be auctioned in four days, and if Kabir wants to prevent the Aparajita family from ending up on the streets, he must bring Aparajita to her so they can have a conversation.

[Episode End]

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