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Kumkum Bhagya 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Pallavi making a promise to Rhea, assuring her that she will orchestrate Rhea’s marriage to Ranbir. Alia questions Prachi, pondering how Pallavi plans to fulfill her pledge since Ranbir and Prachi are already married. Pallavi firmly declares that it is her responsibility to figure out how to keep her word, further asserting her intention to evict Prachi from the house and retain Ranbir.

Visakha gathers Akshay and Prachi, informing them of a game in which they must locate a ring. She explains that they will be given three attempts, and the winner will gain an advantage in the impending marriage. Manpreet stands by Prachi, expressing support, while Neha and Divya also rally behind her. On the other hand, Ashok and Abhay align themselves with Akshay’s side. With the competition initiated by Visakha, the game commences.

Prachi contemplates her feelings for Ranbir as they engage in a game of finding the ring. Amidst their playful competition, Prachi emerges victorious, much to Ranbir’s dismay. Seeking to lighten the mood, Ranbir jokingly asks Prachi for a kiss, but his remark only serves to upset him further. Noticing his dejected state, Prachi makes an effort to cheer him up.

In another round of the game, Akshay emerges as the winner. However, Manpreet suggests a rematch, claiming that Prachi didn’t fully immerse her hand in the milk. Agreed by Akshay, they decide to play again, this time missing Netra’s presence.

Netra, already running late, urges the taxi driver to speed up. Unfortunately, their journey is interrupted when the car’s tire punctures, forcing them to stop. Seeking an alternative mode of transportation, Netra attempts to hitch a ride. However, a group of bikers appears and begins to harass her. As the situation escalates, Netra calls out for help.

Hearing Netra’s pleas, Ranbir intervenes by throwing a beer bottle at one of the bikers. Engaging in a physical altercation, Ranbir defends Netra against the misbehaving bikers. During the scuffle, Netra continues to cry out for assistance. Observing her struggle, Ranbir encourages her to use her other hand and suggests she slap the biker restraining her. However, Netra’s attempt is not successful. Determined to protect her, Ranbir demonstrates the proper technique and proceeds to fend off the bikers using a stick. Eventually, the bikers retreat from the scene.

Meanwhile, Akshay intentionally ensures Prachi’s victory in the game. When questioned by Visakha about his actions, Akshay explains that his triumph lies in his wife’s success. Abhay echoes Akshay’s sentiments, prompting Visakha to comment on Akshay’s resemblance to his father. Neha and Divya then guide Prachi to her room.

In a separate interaction, Visakha advises Akshay not to become a submissive husband and departs. Later, Akshay retreats to his own room.

After dispatching the bikers, Ranbir is unexpectedly struck on the back of his head with a brick by one of them. Losing consciousness, Ranbir becomes incapacitated. Grateful for his earlier assistance, Netra decides to take him home.

Meanwhile, Neha and Divya lead Prachi into a room adorned with decorations and instruct her to sit in the center of the bed while she waits for Akshay. Prachi complies and eagerly anticipates Akshay’s arrival.

However, when Akshay attempts to enter his room, Neha and Divya prevent him from doing so until he provides them with money. Manpreet interjects, stating that it is part of a ritual. Akshay engages in a disagreement with Neha and Divya over the matter. In an attempt to resolve the situation, Manpreet brings turmeric milk for Prachi and then urges Akshay to give some money to Neha and Divya so he can reunite with his wife. Eventually, Akshay acquiesces.

[Episode End]

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