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Kumkum Bhagya 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ranbir expressing to Rhea that he cannot go through with the marriage. Ranbir then attends Akshay and Prachi’s wedding.

A few hours earlier,

Dadi informs Prachi that the wedding procession is arriving, but Prachi pleads for some additional time.

Observing Ranbir’s sorrow, Vikram questions him if he is having second thoughts about his decision. Daljeet interrogates Ranbir, perplexed as to why he would reconsider at such a crucial moment.

Recalling Shalu’s words, Prachi dials Ranbir’s number. However, Rhea answers the call as Ranbir accidentally left his phone in Rhea’s room during their meeting. Rhea reveals to Prachi that Ranbir pleaded with her to marry him. While congratulating Prachi on her impending marriage, Rhea asks for Prachi’s congratulations in return, as she herself is getting married. Prachi congratulates Rhea and ends the call. Unwilling to be exposed, Rhea decides to deceive both Ranbir and Prachi by informing Ranbir that Prachi called her.

Rhea approaches Ranbir and hands him his phone, claiming that Prachi called to congratulate them and express her excitement about the wedding. Ranbir takes the phone. Daljeet and Vikram assure Ranbir that he is making the right choice by proceeding with the marriage.

Ashok introduces his family to Dadi. The Pandit announces that it is time for the Pooja and instructs the bride to sit in the Mandap.

The marriage officiant for Ranbir and Rhea summons the groom. Daljeet volunteers to fetch Ranbir and heads off to find him. Meanwhile, Shahana approaches Ranbir and urges him to marry Prachi instead of Rhea. Ranbir adamantly refuses, asserting that his marriage with Rhea is inevitable and that he and Prachi can never be together. Shahana suggests that they can be together if Ranbir stops Prachi and Akshay’s wedding and marries Prachi instead. She pleads with Ranbir not to proceed with the marriage. However, Daljeet overhears their conversation and slaps Shahana, forcefully removing her from the wedding venue. Daljeet sternly instructs Shahana to leave their family alone and declares that Prachi and Ranbir have been permanently separated.

Daljeet instructs Ranbir to take his place at the ceremonial altar and signals the priest to commence the wedding rituals.

Prachi is haunted by Shahana’s words and requests Akshay to accompany her to a secluded area. Ashok intervenes, suggesting that it would be inappropriate to leave during the Varmaala ceremony. Akshay’s mother advises Akshay to go with Prachi and listen to what she has to say. Agreeing with his mother, Akshay departs with Prachi.

Prachi apologizes to Akshay, confessing that she cannot proceed with the marriage because she still loves her husband. Akshay insists that Prachi must go through with the wedding if she wants to retain custody of Khushi. Furthermore, he reveals that representatives from the orphanage have arrived to verify if the marriage is indeed taking place. Akshay implores Prachi to prioritize Khushi above all else.

Ranbir is haunted by Shahana’s words and confesses to Rhea that he cannot proceed with the marriage. He apologizes to Rhea, acknowledging his feelings for Prachi. To his surprise, Alia appears at the wedding and slaps him. Ranbir apologizes to Rhea once again and departs in order to stop Prachi’s wedding. He arrives at Prachi’s wedding venue, leaving Shahana astonished by his presence.

[Episode End]

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