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Kumkum Bhagya 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Prachi inquiring about Ranbir’s whereabouts. Ranbir responds by stating that it is irrelevant where he was, emphasizing that what truly matters is that he is always by her side. Prachi acknowledges that she knew he would come to her. Ranbir reciprocates, acknowledging that he was aware she would wait for him. They share a heartfelt embrace. Curious, Ranbir asks Prachi why she engages in this sort of drama. He questions why she feels the need to do so, considering she already knows how deeply he loves her. Prachi reveals that she desires to hear those words directly from his mouth. Suddenly, Prachi realizes that she was merely dreaming about Ranbir. Akshay approaches Prachi and inquires about whom she is searching for, to which she responds, “Ranbir.”

Meanwhile, Ranbir ponders how to escape from the current predicament. Swiftly, he seizes the curtains nearby and employs them as a means to break free from the trap. As he extricates himself, Ranbir contemplates the identities of these mysterious kidnappers.

Akshay tirelessly searches for Prachi, but his efforts are in vain as he fails to locate her. Eventually, he encounters Ranbir and takes the opportunity to discuss both Prachi and himself. Akshay believes it is crucial for Prachi to be aware of his family dynamics, especially since they are on the verge of getting married. Consequently, he divulges to Prachi that there has always been a strained relationship between his mother and Visakha. Akshay supports Visakha’s perspective, considering that his own mother abandoned him during his childhood while Visakha stepped in to care for him since she was a child herself. Meanwhile, Prachi finds herself dreaming about Ranbir and becomes determined to pursue him.

In an attempt to stop Ranbir from leaving, Prachi intercepts him and earnestly asks why he intends to depart. Ranbir proposes that Prachi reject Akshay and suggests they get married immediately. Overwhelmed with joy, Prachi is elated by this proposition.

Just then, Shahana appears and questions Prachi about her actions, only to realize that Prachi was lost in a daydream. Prachi mistakenly assumes that Ranbir has abandoned her once again, but Shahana comforts her. Akshay notices Shahana consoling Prachi, and Shahana swiftly devises a pretext to distract Akshay.

Meanwhile, Alia contacts her goons to inquire about their progress. The goons explain that they had taken a break to eat some food, but Alia reprimands them for leaving Ranbir unattended. She instructs the goons to show her Ranbir, and they comply by video calling her. To their astonishment, the goons discover that Ranbir has escaped. Alia scolds them and orders them to proceed to the wedding venue to ensure that Ranbir doesn’t disrupt the ceremony.

Akshay reflects on recent events and confides in Ashok, expressing his suspicion that Prachi may not be fully committed to their marriage and still longs for her ex-husband. Akshay recounts what transpired earlier, and Ashok advises him not to overthink the situation, assuring him that Prachi is merely haunted by the scars of her past marriage and is only entering into this union for the sake of happiness. Grateful for Ashok’s clarification, Akshay expresses his gratitude and embraces him tightly.

Shahana apologizes to Prachi for misunderstanding Ranbir’s intentions, believing he would come to halt the wedding. Prachi consoles Shahana, reassuring her that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Ranbir arrives at Akshay and Prachi’s wedding. Alia, tempted to strike Ranbir with a paperweight from behind, refrains from doing so upon noticing the presence of other people. Ranbir proceeds to meet Prachi.

[Episode End]

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