Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With the Commissioner receiving a message from Virat. In response, he instructs Kadam to position a sniper at the entrance. Meanwhile, the hijacker brandishes a gun, threatening Virat’s life. Displaying remarkable strength, Virat overpowers the hijacker, foiling his plans. Geetanjali detects a suspicious sound and promptly prevents the passengers from disembarking the aircraft. Having successfully eliminated the hijacker, Virat apprehends Bheema. In a desperate attempt to intervene, Geetanjali aims her weapon at Virat, but Sai intervenes, stopping her from pulling the trigger. Aware of the sniper’s presence, Virat instructs him to shoot Bheema, resulting in his demise. Ninad and Satya manage to subdue another hijacker. Simultaneously, Kadam and his team storm the aircraft, apprehending the remaining hijackers. With all the passengers now rescued, Sonali and her family are the first to exit the plane, accompanied by their son. Ashwini implores Sai and Virat to reconcile, prompting a heartfelt embrace from Virat. The medical team escorts Ashwini for further treatment. Bhavani invites Savi to accompany her, but Savi declines, expressing her desire to join her parents instead. Bhavani departs alone.

Satya pleads with Savi to leave and promises to follow later after assisting everyone. He assures her that she should not worry about him, as he has a friend like Sai. Sai gives her word to Satya, eliciting a smile from Virat. Satya implores Savi to accompany him, and just as she is about to depart, Sai stops her and embraces her tightly. Virat joins in the hug as well. Perplexed, Savi inquires about the reason for the emotional display. Sai reveals her deep affection for both Savi and Vinayak. Savi reciprocates the sentiment, expressing her love for her parents as well. Sai requests Savi to convey her profound love to Vinayak and to always take care of their family. Savi agrees and proceeds to depart with Satya.

Virat instructed Kadam to inspect the explosives on the plane and requested Sai to depart. Sai insisted on verifying that everyone had left before leaving herself. Concerned about Sai’s delay, Virat dispatched Kadam to evacuate the airport. Kadam and his team promptly departed. Filled with worry, Virat pondered over Sai’s absence and decided to investigate.

With immense joy, Vinayak witnessed his family safely exiting the plane and warmly embraced them. In his embrace, Vinayak asked Savi about the whereabouts of their parents. Meanwhile, Mohit frantically searched for Karishma. Inside the airport, Virat confronted a wounded hijacker and inquired about Sai’s location. With his dying breath, the hijacker claimed that Sai, his beloved, was awaiting Virat. Gripping the situation, Virat advanced further and noticed that an unconscious Sai was wearing a bomb jacket. He urgently contacted Kadam, instructing him to dispatch a bomb disposal team to defuse the live bomb. In a desperate attempt, Virat called out to Sai, urging her to awaken. Meanwhile, Sai found herself in a dream where she reunited with her family, and they were discussing her marriage to Virat.

[Episode End]

Precap : Virat’s heart raced as he glanced at the timer, realizing that there were a mere 9 seconds left before the bomb would detonate. Filled with a mix of fear and desperation, he turned to Sai, his eyes pleading. “Sai, can I hold you for a moment?” he asked urgently. Without hesitation, Sai nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. In that fleeting moment, their love and unspoken bond resonated between them. “I love you,” Sai whispered softly, her voice filled with sincerity and a promise of eternal togetherness. They embraced each other tightly, finding solace and strength in each other’s arms.

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