Faltu 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Savita rousing Faltu and urging her to hasten as the police have arrived. Perplexed, Faltu questions the reason, to which Savita reveals that they have come to apprehend Kanika, who had visited Tanisha. In a rush, they both descend the stairs. Tanisha is sobbing and desperately trying to prevent the police from taking action. Kanika implores Sid to contact a lawyer. Ayaan enters and announces that Kanika’s case has been proven, and she is being arrested. Faltu embraces Ayaan and contemplates whether they will regain their home and business. Ayaan confirms her hopes, and he, along with Dadi, urges the police to arrest Kanika. Despite Tanisha’s pleas, nobody pays attention to her. Eventually, Kanika is taken into custody, and Sid accompanies her to make arrangements. Sumitra consoles a tearful Tanisha while the others approach Janardhan to share news of their victory. Shanaya appears and reminds Faltu to prepare for practice. However, Faltu expresses her decision to no longer proceed with the deal, stating that they are regaining their business and home, and she will not compromise her integrity in cricket. Shanaya accuses Faltu of being calculating, highlighting that Faltu sought their support when needed but now refuses. Faltu resolutely asserts her intention to cease deceiving Ayaan and confess everything to him. Abruptly, the scene transitions, revealing it was all a dream of Faltu’s.

Still murmuring in her sleep, Faltu is awakened by Tanisha. Surprised to see her, Faltu asks why she is present. Tanisha explains that she happened to pass by and noticed Faltu muttering in her sleep. Curious, Faltu inquires about her sleep-talk, and Tanisha reveals that she was expressing her determination not to lie to Ayaan any longer and confess everything. Faltu becomes anxious, and Tanisha offers her support, insisting that Faltu can share her troubles. Faltu, however, insists that it is a matter between her and Ayaan, advising Tanisha not to interfere and reminding her not to enter their room as Ayaan dislikes it. Tanisha departs, leaving Faltu concerned about what she might have overheard.

Faltu was preparing herself when she envisioned a conversation with Shanaya, mocking her for lying to Ayaan. Faltu criticized Shanaya, calling her stupid for deceiving Ayaan, especially since he despises lies. Faltu pointed out that Shanaya’s cricket career hadn’t even begun, making her lies even more unnecessary. Faltu realized that she should focus on nurturing her relationships instead of resorting to deceit, be it in cricket or her personal life. Overwhelmed with emotions, Faltu wept and became anxious, eventually deciding to confess the truth to Ayaan upon his return.

Meanwhile, Tanisha overheard Shanaya claiming to have a hand injury. Concerned, Tanisha questioned how Shanaya would be able to play. Shanaya dismissed it as a minor sprain. Faltu intervened, assuring them that they would visit a doctor on their way, reassuring Shanaya that it was not a problem. Faltu then took Shanaya away from the conversation. Tanisha felt a sense of unease and became determined to uncover the truth behind Faltu’s lie to Ayaan.

In another part of the story, Ayaan and Mallick sought the assistance of a lawyer, explaining their case to him. Mallick appealed to the lawyer, emphasizing that Ayaan and he were good people in need of help. The lawyer, acquainted with Mallick, agreed to assist them and instilled hope in Ayaan, stating that with the incriminating documents proving Kanika’s fraudulent activities, there was a possibility of reclaiming their home and business. The lawyer acknowledged that it would be a challenging legal battle but assured Ayaan that he would do his utmost to succeed. Grateful, Ayaan expressed his thanks before leaving with Mallick, while the lawyer made a phone call to someone.

Later, Ayaan called Faltu and engaged in a romantic conversation with her. Shanaya grew annoyed as they were running late for practice. Ayaan, in high spirits, affectionately referred to Faltu using cute nicknames and expressed his deep love for his wife. Faltu questioned the reason behind his change in tone, to which Ayaan replied that he was happy and had discovered ways to rectify their situation. Faltu felt delighted to see him happy as well. The call ended, and Faltu and Shanaya proceeded to their practice session. Unbeknownst to them, Tanisha followed closely, fueled by her curiosity regarding Faltu’s lie to Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Ayaan found himself in Mumbai and decided to surprise Faltu at the academy. However, his plans changed when Ruhan urgently summoned him to the office. Ayaan and Ruhan engaged in a heated argument over Ayaan’s implementation of “buy one get one” offers for JM Mart stores. Ayaan defended his decision, explaining that it was beneficial for smaller areas. Ayaan stood his ground, refusing to back down. This display of confidence puzzled Ruhan, leaving him wondering how Ayaan had become so self-assured.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha is taken aback when she witnesses Faltu portraying Shanaya in the play, revealing their true nature.

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