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Bhagya Lakshmi 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rano contemplating the idea of relocating to Vikrant’s residence following Lakshmi’s marriage to him. Meanwhile, Neelam wonders about Lakshmi’s whereabouts and inquires with Dadi. Dadi informs Neelam that Lakshmi went to the outhouse. Concerned about the condition of the outhouse, Neelam hopes that Rishi did not accompany Lakshmi there. Neelam decides to call Rishi to confirm his location. Rishi answers the call and pretends that he is not with Lakshmi. Neelam warns Rishi to stay away from Vikrant and Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Rishi and Lakshmi contemplate their escape from the outhouse. Suddenly, Lakshmi notices rubble about to fall on Rishi and quickly pulls him away to safety. Grateful for her actions, Rishi thanks Lakshmi and blames her marriage to Vikrant for the current situation. Rishi accuses Vikrant of being a fraudster, but Lakshmi defends him, insisting that Vikrant is innocent. Despite her intentions to leave, Rishi prevents Lakshmi from doing so and confesses his love for her. He argues with Lakshmi while debris continues to fall around them. Rishi questions why Lakshmi chose to trust Vikrant instead of him, emphasizing his love for her. Witnessing another impending danger with rubble about to fall on Rishi, Lakshmi pushes him out of harm’s way.

Lakshmi notices loose electric wires and grabs a stick in an attempt to turn off the electricity. Misinterpreting Lakshmi’s actions, Rishi apologizes, assuming she is angry with him. Lakshmi strikes the main switchboard with the stick to disable the electricity due to the loose wires, explaining the situation to Rishi. Rishi assists Lakshmi and together they successfully turn off the electricity.

Lakshmi, afflicted by a cough caused by the dust, cleverly wraps her pallu around her nose, ensuring that no dust enters her mouth or nostrils. Concerned for Rishi’s well-being, she assists him in securing his handkerchief firmly over his nose and mouth, shielding him from the dust as well. Together, they diligently search for a means of escape from their current predicament. Rishi, contemplating their options, suggests breaking through the wall, sharing his idea with Lakshmi.

Ayush finds solace in the fact that Rishi has discovered the truth and is now supportive of their cause. Neha approaches Ayush, expressing her exhaustion from dancing, but hastily attempts to backtrack upon realizing she has revealed her true feelings. Shalu interjects, provoking Neha, prompting Ayush to intervene and request Shalu to desist from such behavior.

Curious about Neelam’s evident distress, Karishma inquires about the cause. Neelam reveals that Lakshmi had ventured into the dilapidated outhouse, worsening its already deteriorated state. Karishma further asks if Rishi accompanied Lakshmi, to which Neelam responds by stating that she contacted Rishi, who claimed not to be with Lakshmi. In an attempt to assuage Neelam’s worries, Karishma encourages her not to be overly anxious.

As Rishi and Lakshmi venture toward the wall, a precarious pillar threatens to collapse upon Rishi. However, Lakshmi, acting swiftly, pushes Rishi away, saving him once again. Grateful for her heroic act, Rishi expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Lakshmi.

Sonia, feeling fatigued from her dancing endeavors, confides in Malishka and Ahana. Ahana, seizing the opportunity, taunts Sonia, insinuating that she revels in Lakshmi’s imminent departure. This sparks a heated argument between Ahana and Sonia, with Sonia believing Lakshmi to possess a malevolent heart, while Ahana staunchly defends her.

Curious about Rishi and Lakshmi’s whereabouts, Malishka intervenes, putting an end to the dispute between Sonia and Ahana. She urges Ahana to accept the reality that Lakshmi is destined to marry Vikrant, emphasizing her own forthcoming role as Rishi’s wife. Subsequently, Malishka ponders the whereabouts of Rishi and Lakshmi.

Realizing the potential dangers around them, Rishi and Lakshmi decide to conceal themselves, ensuring their safety from falling debris. Rishi, playfully, lifts Lakshmi in his arms and indulges in some lighthearted flirtation.

The Pandit bids farewell, as he is due to attend another function. Virendra, puzzled by the Pandit’s departure without partaking in a meal, queries Dadi about the situation. Dadi explains that Lakshmi had gone to fetch copper utensils for the Pandit, causing a delay and resulting in his departure for his next engagement. Virendra, taken aback, expresses surprise upon learning that Lakshmi had ventured to the outhouse.

[Episode End]

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