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Bhagya Lakshmi 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Ayush discreetly observing Vikrant’s actions. Ayush notices Vikrant holding a woman, but he struggles to hear their conversation. Determined to uncover the truth, Ayush enlists Shalu’s help. He instructs Shalu to climb up a ladder and witness Vikrant’s activities. From her vantage point, Shalu notices a Mangalsutra adorning Vikrant’s girlfriend’s neck, leading her to conclude that Vikrant is already married to her. Shalu and Ayush attempt to capture photographic evidence, but their efforts are impeded by a mosquito net.

In a sarcastic tone, Dadi accuses Lakshmi of being a sinner. She questions Malishka about her love for Rishi and expresses concern that Lakshmi might steal him away. Dadi emphasizes the importance of trust in a relationship when love is present. She mentions a remark made by Neelam and asserts that if anyone questions Lakshmi again, she will personally respond. Dadi warns Neelam, Karishma, and Malishka that from that day forward, no one is permitted to interrogate Lakshmi or cast doubt on her relationship with Rishi. Dadi threatens them with punishment if they repeat their behavior. Taking Lakshmi away, Dadi removes her from the scene.

Rishi receives a phone call from Ayush, prompting him to investigate the situation. Rishi decides to disclose the details to Lakshmi once he verifies the accuracy of Ayush’s claims.

Lakshmi extends a glass of water to Dadi and kindly asks if there is anything else she needs. Dadi, on behalf of Neelam and Karishma, sincerely apologizes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi, however, requests that Dadi never apologize for them again. Dadi assures Lakshmi that she should never doubt herself like that. Lakshmi gathers the courage to confide in Dadi, revealing that Rishi had placed a Mangalsutra around her neck, and they hid together to avoid any misunderstanding from the rest of the family. Dadi chuckles and expresses her trust in both Lakshmi and Rishi, assuring her that there is no need to overthink the situation.

Malishka remarks on Dadi’s constant protection of Lakshmi, to which Neelam responds by stating that if Lakshmi had spoken the truth, they would have found evidence against her, proving her intent to trap Rishi. Malishka questions the need for proof, arguing that Lakshmi’s actions already reveal her plan. Neelam interrupts Karishma and Malishka’s argument, suggesting that their focus should be on preventing Lakshmi from succeeding in her scheme.

Ayush and Shalu comment on Vikrant’s behavior, observing his actions and waiting for Rishi to arrive so he can witness Vikrant’s true nature.

Lakshmi wonders why her true intentions are constantly misunderstood by everyone around her. She eagerly anticipates the day when her own marriage will finally take place, as it will provide her with the opportunity to escape from her current household. Furthermore, Lakshmi hopes that Rishi and Malishka will also be united in matrimony.

Ayush and Shalu notice Vikrant humming a tune, while Rishi pays a visit to Vikrant’s residence. Observing that Rishi is about to enter through the front door, Ayush and Shalu frantically attempt to prevent him from doing so, fearing that Vikrant might discover Rishi’s presence.

Anjana reaches out to Neelam with a call of gratitude, expressing her appreciation for recommending a reputable jewelry store. She informs Neelam that they found a splendid ring and Mangalsutra at the suggested shop. After conversing with Neelam, Anjana ends the call. Neelam optimistically hopes that this impending marriage will occur swiftly, bringing an end to Lakshmi’s presence in their lives.

[Episode End]

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