Ajooni 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ravinder urging Rajveer to punish Shanky, as he believes Shanky is the one responsible for Rajveer’s misfortunes. In a taunting manner, Rajveer questions Shanky about his intentions regarding Ajooni, even going so far as to slap him.

Rajveer declares that Ajooni is his life, and he won’t spare anyone who dares to harm her. He forcefully pushes Shanky towards Ajooni. Under Rajveer’s instruction, Shanky apologizes to Ajooni, expressing remorse to everyone present. Bebe, filled with anger, slaps Shanky. Ravinder accuses Shanky of ridiculing his helplessness and forces him to sit in a wheelchair.

With a furious demeanor, Ravinder beats Shanky’s legs, threatening to break them. Amidst the chaos, Amrit and Tejender plead with Ravinder to spare Shanky’s life. Tejender advises Shanky to apologize to Ravinder, mentioning his own repeated forgiveness towards Tejender, which he now considers a grave mistake.

In a moment of desperation, Shanky grabs a gun and attempts to kill Ravinder. However, Rajveer swiftly intervenes, dragging Ravinder away, causing Shanky’s bullet to accidentally hit Tejender. Amrit rushes to Tejender’s side, desperately pleading with him not to die. The police arrive at the scene, and Ravinder informs the inspector that Shanky tried to assassinate him, asserting Rajveer’s innocence.

Ravinder discloses that it was Shanky who killed his father, Tejender, and implicates Amrit as the mastermind behind the entire ordeal. The police inspector informed Ravinder that Rajveer had been proven innocent. Shanky and Amrit were arrested and taken away by the police.

Ravinder approached Tejender’s lifeless body and expressed his sorrow, acknowledging that Tejender lost his life because of greed. Rajveer consoled Ravinder, and they both shared their sadness over Tejender’s death. Finally, Rajveer, Ravinder, and Baggas embraced each other in a family hug.

Later, Rajveer shared the news of Amrit and Shanky’s arrest with a friend. He became emotional when he saw Ajooni wearing a colorful outfit. Ajooni expressed her relief that the truth had prevailed and everything was back to normal. Rajveer confessed his happiness at seeing her in color, as he had felt heartbroken when she wore white.

Ajooni asked him how she looked now, and he responded that something was missing. He applied vermilion to her forehead and declared that now she looked perfect. Rajveer acknowledged the hardships Ajooni had endured because of him and expressed his gratitude for her support. Ajooni assured him that she was his wife and that this was her family, so there was no need for him to thank her.

They embraced each other, and she credited her ability to endure everything to his support. Bebe called Rajveer, gathering everyone in the house temple. Ravinder expressed his gratitude for having such a loving family and credited their love for his recovery. Together, they prayed to God. During the puja, Aman fainted, and after a while, a doctor examined him.

Ajooni asked the doctor about Aman’s condition, and the doctor informed Baggas that Aman was pregnant. Aman sought blessings from the elders, and Rajveer congratulated Harvinder. The doctor advised Harvinder to bring Aman to the clinic for regular checkups. Ajooni distributed sweets to everyone to celebrate the joyful news.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanky makes a solemn promise to eliminate Baggas from his path of revenge. Determined, he ventures into the Bagga residence, fueled by his unwavering determination.

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