Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Abhimanyu requested Abhinav to leave his bag, but Abhinav insisted on helping him. Eventually, Abhimanyu allowed Abhinav to assist. Abhinav mentioned that he had stayed with them and contributed to Muskaan’s wedding, so he believed he had the right to hug them at least once. Abhimanyu embraced Abhinav, and then Akshara took charge and asked Abhinav to check the tickets for Udaipur. Later, Abhinav fell asleep with Abhir. Akshara noticed something was bothering Abhinav and inquired about it. Abhinav expressed his gratitude towards Akshara and Abhir for not making him feel left out, despite knowing the truth. He admitted that he had now accepted that Akshara and Abhir were his only sources of strength. Akshara questioned why it took him so long to accept the truth.

Akshara requested Abhinav to promise her that they would return from Udaipur in the same manner they left, with the three of them together. Abhinav made the promise to Akshara. Akshara tied bands as a symbol of their future, and Abhinav and Akshara shared a heartfelt embrace. Eventually, Akshara and Abhinav set off for Udaipur.

Later, Manish informed Abhinav that the lawyer would provide a date soon. Kairav and Muskaan returned, surprising Akshara and the Goenkas with their sudden arrival. Kairav complained to Akshara about keeping the custody matter hidden from him, while Muskaan expressed her grievances to Abhinav. Both Kairav and Muskaan requested Abhinav and Akshara to allow them to be a part of the family. Abhir was overjoyed to see Kairav and Muskaan, and the two boys engaged in a heartfelt conversation.

Akshara and Abhinav make an effort to uplift Abhir’s spirits, but Abhir dismisses their attempts and ignores them. Concerned, Akshara implores Abhir to open up about what’s troubling him. In response, Abhir questions Akshara and Abhinav about his biological father, wondering if he is a bad person who abandoned him. Abhinav assures Abhir that his real father is a good person, explaining that sometimes two people argue so much that they choose to live separately. Sensing that Abhir has another question, Akshara encourages him to share it.

Abhir proceeds to ask if Akshara and Abhinav were to lose, would he have to live with his biological father. Trying to allay his fears, Akshara reassures Abhir that they are a strong team and will not lose. Gradually, Abhir becomes convinced of their unwavering support. Meanwhile, Manjiri and Abhimanyu are taken aback when they discover the date for the custody proceedings. Expressing his lack of preparedness, Abhimanyu acknowledges the need to be ready for the custody battle. Akshara becomes increasingly anxious about the approaching custody date, and both Abhimanyu and Akshara share their worries about the outcome.

In Akshara’s dream, she envisions Abhir finding out the truth about Abhimanyu, and she fears that he will come to despise her once he learns the reality. Snapping back to reality, Akshara’s lawyer insists on taking Abhir to court, causing her to panic.

[Episode End]

Precap : Akshara’s panic intensifies as Abhir urgently dials Abhimanyu’s number. Without wasting a moment, Abhimanyu swiftly races towards Abhir to assess the situation.

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