Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Akshara conveys to Neelima that if the Goenkas continue to harbor narrow-mindedness, she will not back down or bow her head in front of them. She reassures Neelima, suggesting that their call might have accidentally disconnected. Akshara mentions that decisions regarding weddings require time, reminiscing about her own wedding where similar incidents occurred. Abhimanyu points out that despite their wedding being in the same city, such issues arose. Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhimanyu are left stunned by the situation. Kairav consoles Neelima, telling her not to worry. The Goenkas reconnect the call, and Akshara explains that just like adjusting to new furniture takes time, they need to have a discussion. Manish appreciates Akshara, while Suhasini agrees to go to Kasauli for the wedding, bringing joy to the Goenkas and Sharmas. Arohi, however, contemplates not going to Kasauli to avoid any more awkward moments between Akshara, Abhimanyu, and Abhinav. Abhimanyu spots Arohi, and Akshara discusses the plan with the Goenkas. Suhasini asks Manish to send the digital wedding invitation to their guests. Abhir enters and questions how long they will keep talking. Ruhi mentions that she and Abhir have already discussed everything, from clothing to gaming, for the wedding. Abhir and Ruhi urge everyone to conclude the discussion. Akshara requests the Goenkas to come to Kasauli soon.

Suhasini requests Manish to hand out the invitations to their close guests. Surekha mocks Abhinav and Neelima, claiming that Abhinav’s financial situation is inadequate, yet he wants to take advantage of their expenses. Swarna and Manish take Abhinav’s side and urge Surekha to refrain from babbling. Surekha retorts to Swarna that she isn’t like Ruhi, who would stop speaking just because she is scolded. Manish suggests they focus on enjoying the wedding.

Abhinav, along with Abhir and Kairav, creates the guest list. Akshara decides to maintain relationships with both the Sharmas and Goenkas. Abhir follows Akshara’s lead and chooses to be on both sides as well. Abhimanyu joins the Sharmas’ group. Akshara advises the bride’s side to prepare themselves for tough competition ahead. Abhimanyu assures her that they are all prepared.

Ruhi becomes excited about going to Kasauli. Kairav advises Arohi not to come to Kasauli as she will experience pain. Arohi sends her wishes to Muskaan. Manish, accompanied by Swarna, visits the Birlas and invites them to the wedding. Mahima tells Manish that she hasn’t fully recovered from Anisha’s death. Anand supports Mahima’s decision. Manjiri declines the invitation but assures them that she won’t prevent Arohi and Ruhi from attending.

Akshara and Abhinav discuss their financial condition and worry about how they will manage their guests. Abhimanyu overhears their conversation and decides to help Abhinav. Akshara decodes Abhimanyu’s lie and asks him to give her the original hotel bill.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhir and Ruhi excitedly share the news of Manjiri’s upcoming arrival at Kasauli. However, Akshara’s mind is filled with concern, fearing that Manjiri might reveal the truth to Abhir.

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