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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with a priest instructing them to bring the bride. Arjun confidently declares that he will bring Mahima, eliciting laughter from everyone present. Nitya advises him to wait, while Romila steps forward, asserting that she will bring Mahima. She proceeds inside and knocks on the door, but there is no response from the other side. She informs Nayantara that both Mahima and Kaashvi are not opening the door. As the guests engage in idle chatter about Nayantara and Mahima, Maaji suggests that Mahima and Kaashvi might still be inside the room.

Samrat accompanies Kaashvi to the bus stand, and they search for Mahima and Pradyumna. Kaashvi eventually spots Pradyumna and informs Samrat. Pradyumna breaks down in tears and embraces Samrat. Samrat inquires about Mahima, to which Pradyumna reveals that everything has come to an end. He acknowledges that Samrat was right about Mahima, stating that she abandoned him upon discovering his lack of wealth. Samrat consoles him, explaining that he wanted to protect Pradyumna because he knew Mahima’s true nature.

Kaashvi assures them that Mahima is not the kind of person they believe her to be. However, Samrat insists that money is all that matters to Mahima. He reveals that he took precautions by blocking Pradyumna’s cards and freezing his bank account, suspecting that Mahima would attempt something like this. He further explains that Mahima did not want to marry Arjun because he wasn’t wealthy enough.Pradyumna confides in Kaashvi about the lengths Mahima went to in order to stop the wedding. Samrat interrupts, mentioning that he locked Pradyumna in a room based on the information Maaji provided. Additionally, he reveals that Monty helped Pradyumna at Mahima’s request. Pradyumna admits that he was ecstatic initially, but Mahima left him because he couldn’t provide her with a luxurious lifestyle. He also confesses that despite his efforts to stop Mahima, he failed.Kaashvi suggests that perhaps they have misunderstood the situation. However, Samrat firmly asserts that Mahima is a selfish girl and they need to locate her. He inquires about Mahima’s whereabouts from Pradyumna, who informs him that Mahima mentioned she was returning home to marry Arjun. Samrat feels relieved upon hearing this and advises Pradyumna to go back home and rest. He then takes Kaashvi away from the scene.Meanwhile, Mahima hopes she can reach her house on time. However, her cab is halted by a driver. Urging the driver to understand her urgency for the impending marriage, Mahima quickly leaves the vehicle. Unbeknownst to her, a group of goons notice her and her valuable jewelry. They intercept Mahima, demanding that she hand over her jewels. She manages to escape from their clutches, but one of the goons pursues her and strikes her head with a rod, causing her to lose consciousness.At the behest of Maaji, Romila’s husband forcefully breaks open the door. They commence their search for Mahima and Kaashvi. In the meantime, Samrat and Kaashvi return to the house. Nayantara inquires about Mahima, prompting Samrat to recount the recent events. Kaashvi mentions that they had expected Mahima to have returned by now. Nayantara wonders how Mahima could have eloped when Arjun was eagerly waiting for her. She also expresses concern about how to explain the situation to Nitya and Jagdeesh. Nitya overhears this and questions Nayantara.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nitya confronts Nayantara, expressing her belief that Arjun doesn’t deserve a selfish girl like Mahima. She proceeds to inform Arjun about Mahima’s elopement, highlighting the impending disgrace she will have to endure. Overwhelmed by the situation, Maaji contemplates self-harm by attempting to cut her wrist. Just as despair sets in, Kaashvi arrives on the scene.

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