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Teri Meri Doriyaann 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Sahiba inquiring about Angad’s well-being. Akaal assures her that everything has been fine so far, emphasizing his strict adherence to preventing any errors. Akaal sternly mentions that he does not tolerate mindless behavior in their household. Perplexed, Sahiba questions Akaal about his remarks. In response, Akaal presents a photograph depicting Sahiba engaged in some work, seizing the opportunity to criticize her conduct. Akaal confronts Sahiba, questioning whether this is how she shows respect towards their family. Sahiba asserts that she, too, is an integral part of the family, countering Jasleen’s judgmental comments. Defending herself, Sahiba explains to Akaal that the photo captures her merely carrying out her usual tasks, as she used to before her marriage into the Brar family. Manveer intervenes, reminding Sahiba that she is now the daughter-in-law of the Brar household. Akaal turns to Angad, inquiring whether he has explained the promise he made to Sahiba. Expressing his frustration, Akaal remarks that Sahiba is acting as if she is unaware of the promise.

Akaal inquires Angad whether he explained the matter to Sahiba or not. Sahiba, puzzled, asks Angad what Akaal is referring to. Angad clarifies to Sahiba that he assured Akaal that she would not engage in business with the Brar jewellers. Sahiba questions Angad about why he made such a commitment on her behalf. She asks Angad what wrong she has done. Akaal interjects, stating that there are certain rules in the household, and the women of the Brar family do not work outside. Sahiba disagrees and reminds Akaal that he accepted her as the daughter-in-law because of her work. Manveer intervenes, telling Sahiba not to speak against Akaal. Sahiba responds with a remark regarding Manveer’s statement. She then apologizes to Akaal, explaining that she must pursue her work in order to maintain her own identity.

Santosh asks Seerat if she has carefully considered this decision. Seerat recalls Angad’s promise and assures Santosh that she has contemplated this marriage.

Sahiba expresses to Akaal that she must defy these household rules in order to preserve her own identity. Akaal requests Angad to take Sahiba aside and persuade her otherwise. Akaal entrusts Angad with the responsibility of dissuading Sahiba from her intentions, warning that if he fails, Akaal will take necessary action.

Angad escorts Sahiba to his room, where she questions him if she is allowed to breathe and exist. Angad questions Sahiba’s sanity in response. Sahiba asserts her understanding that decisions in this household are solely made by men, disregarding women’s emotions. Angad engages in a heated argument with Sahiba, adamantly refusing to let her defy his family. Sahiba attempts to reason with Angad, but he forcibly silences her, affirming that his decision is final before leaving the room. Angad prohibits Sahiba from engaging in any work outside the house.

Later, Sahiba receives a phone call from Kirat, who informs her that Seerat has accepted Garry’s marriage proposal. Upon learning this news, Sahiba heads to the Monga’s residence.

Despite Ajith’s attempts to convince Seerat to reject the marriage proposal, she remains steadfast in her decision. Santosh reminds Ajith that Seerat has limited options for a suitable match. Seerat, determined, urges Ajith and Santosh to visit the Brar mansion and finalize the marriage. Sahiba objects, reminding them that they had already declined the proposal before. Seerat counters Sahiba, asserting that it is her choice, not Sahiba’s.

Just then, Mr. Chawla arrives and questions Ajith about the house from which he plans to send Seerat. Confused, Ajith asks for clarification. Mr. Chawla turns to Santosh and in front of the Monga family, reveals that she had borrowed money from him using the house as collateral. Furthermore, he exposes that Santosh has not repaid any interest on the loan until now. Mr. Chawla directs his demand to Sahiba, stating that he expects his money to be paid within the next two days. If not, he threatens to auction off the house. With bewilderment, Sahiba ponders the unexpected turn of events.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad and Sahiba will be carrying engagement rings for Garry and Seerat’s upcoming engagement ceremony. While preparing for the occasion, Sahiba ponders about the potential impact that Garry and Seerat’s marriage might have on her and Angad’s own relationship.

During the engagement ceremony, Seerat gracefully slides the ring onto Garry’s finger. However, Angad notices that Garry is struggling to place the ring on Seerat’s finger. Acting swiftly, Angad steps in and takes the ring from Garry’s hand, gently sliding it onto Seerat’s finger himself. Little did he know at the time, Angad would later come to realize his unintentional mistake.

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