Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kinjal informs Pratiksha that Ravi has gone abroad, despite Pratiksha’s request for Kinjal not to disclose this information. Kinjal suggests seeking help from their uncle (chachu), but Pratiksha refuses, expressing concern that their actions have already caused suffering to their family. Kinjal wonders how they can find assistance, but their conversation is interrupted by an inspector who informs them that their time is up and accuses them of breaking the rules. Undeterred, Kinjal boldly proposes that they throw her in jail as well. Pratiksha pleads for Kinjal’s release, but the authorities lock her up, and Kinjal embraces Pratiksha before being taken away.

Meanwhile, Kaviya contemplates Pratiksha’s words and confides in Mandip about feeling overwhelmed by Pratiksha’s presence in the house. Kaviya blames Pratiksha for ruining her marriage and expresses her discontent and unrest. Determined to restore peace, Kaviya decides to remove Pratiksha’s belongings and declares her intention to observe Teej, a traditional Hindu festival, in Pratiksha’s place.

Feeling guilty and worried for Pratiksha, Ravi calls Adi to urgently arrange a ticket to Chandigarh. Adi informs Ravi that it’s not possible at that late hour due to court closures. Ravi blames himself for the situation and expresses concern for Pratiksha’s well-being. Adi tries to console him, telling him not to blame himself.

Back at the house, Kaviya proceeds to throw Pratiksha’s belongings while Mandip assures her that she will have everything she desires. Kaviya suspects that Ravi may have feelings for Pratiksha, a sentiment echoed by Mandip. They both wonder how this could be possible, considering Ravi’s marriage to Kaviya. Kaviya suggests that Ravi’s occasional lack of support for Pratiksha stems from guilt and sympathy. Mandip reassures Kaviya that her actions are justified.

Just then, Dadi enters the room, interrupting their conversation. Meanwhile, Ravi calls the inspector in charge and expresses his dissatisfaction with his wife’s arrest. Ravi requests to speak with Pratiksha, but the inspector dismisses his request, reminding him that it is not a telephone booth. Pratiksha, in her conversation with Kinjal, reveals her frustrations with Ravi’s behavior, highlighting his previous relationship with Kirthi, the forced marriage with Pratiksha, and his subsequent marriage to Kaviya. Pratiksha questions Ravi’s true intentions, emphasizing that he is not the hero he pretends to be. Kinjal brings up the topic of Pratiksha’s first Teej after marriage, but Pratiksha dismisses its significance, implying that it holds no importance for her.

Dadi inquires, “Why are both of you looking at me like this?” She then turns to Kaviya and asks, “Kaviya, why did you throw Pratiksha’s belongings out?” Kaviya responds defiantly, “This is my room, and I couldn’t wait for her to come back and claim it.” Concerned, Dadi advises, “You shouldn’t be doing such things.” Kaviya dismissively questions, “What’s wrong with it?” Dadi gently reminds her, “One day or another, she will return home. This is her rightful place.” Mandip interjects, “She will only cause more drama. She even stole the jewelry. Ravi won’t support her once he finds out. He’ll get rid of everything himself. Finally, you and Ravi will be together. Let her things remain here.” Dadi inquires about Ravi’s whereabouts, to which Kaviya responds, “I don’t know.” Mandip then calls Ravi and informs him that their mother won’t be of any help. Ravi explains that he was attending a conference, and Mandip expresses her frustration, stating that he should have informed her. She pleads for him to return home, to which Ravi agrees. Mandip remarks, “Thank God Ravi wasn’t here. I want him to kick her out of this house.” Mandip expresses her desire to celebrate their first Lorhi together.

Meanwhile, Ravi is worried about Pratiksha and recalls her previous statement about not needing any support. Adi joins everyone, and Mandip urges him to have some food. Ravi takes the opportunity to call Adi, expressing his gratitude and saying that he wouldn’t have known what happened if Adi hadn’t been there. Adi acknowledges Ravi’s deep concern for Pratiksha, stating that he knows how important she is to him. Adi recalls how Ravi rushed back when he learned that she had been arrested, showing his unwavering dedication to her. Mandip overhears their conversation.

Ravi approaches the inspector and pleads, “Please bail out my wife. My lawyer will arrive shortly.” The inspector informs him that he must wait for his lawyer. Ravi gazes at Pratiksha, peacefully asleep, and vows, “I won’t let anything harm you.”

[Episode End]

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