Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Pratiksha and Ravi embracing each other tightly. Pratiksha turns to Dadi and joyfully shares the news of their marriage, seeking her blessings. Dadi readily agrees and extends her blessings to the newlyweds. Ravi and Pratiksha then open the door, welcoming everyone into the room. They graciously receive Dadi’s blessings, while also urging Kavya to keep her distance from their lives. Obliging their request, Kavya departs from the scene, followed by Manvi and Mandip. Ravi warmly embraces Dadi, and Pratiksha shares an affectionate hug with Kinjal. Suddenly, overcome with exhaustion, they both slump unconsciously onto their loved ones’ shoulders. Kavya, who has been observing the events unfold, witnesses everything with a malicious gaze. Meanwhile, Dadi and Kinjal decide to lay them down in a bed, intending for them to awaken the next day, feeling as though they have experienced their suhaagrat (wedding night).

Kavya confides in her mother, expressing her frustration at the lack of progress in her attempts to win over Ravi. Manvi reassures Kavya, assuring her that once Pratiksha departs from their lives, the results of her efforts will become evident. Kavya shares her belief that Pratiksha will indeed leave. Manvi, however, warns Kavya to keep their secret hidden—no one must discover that she manipulated Pratiksha into signing something by administering a spiked drink. Reluctantly, Kavya agrees to maintain secrecy and sends Manvi off to sleep. Determined, Kavya vows not to let Dadi succeed in her endeavors.

The following day, Ravi awakens, finding himself face-to-face with Dadi and noticing his files burned before him. Filled with anxiety, he questions Dadi, wondering if Pratiksha was responsible for this act. Dadi denies his suspicions and proceeds to unveil the truth—how he remarried Pratiksha. Overwhelmed with tension, Ravi receives a phone call and retreats to freshen up, his mind consumed with worry. Dadi, on the other hand, resolves to help Pratiksha regain her memories.

Kavya returned home, greeted by Mandip and Manvi who immediately approached her with a request—to make Pratiksha leave the house. Just then, Pratiksha descended the stairs, feeling dizzy. Dadi rushed to her aid, offering assistance. Kavya, on the other hand, intercepted Ravi and his father, preventing them from going to the office.

In a courageous move, Pratiksha confronted the situation, accusing Kavya of having spiked her drink and deceitfully obtaining her signature on guilt admittance and divorce papers. She turned to Ravi, questioning whether he had conspired with Kavya to trick her into signing those documents. Ravi, taken aback, defended himself, stating that he had remarried, so why would he need to resort to such tactics? Kavya chimed in, pointing out that Pratiksha had no recollection of anything, raising doubts about her sudden remembrance of the papers. Pratiksha disclosed that Kinjal had overheard a conversation between Manvi and Kavya, revealing Kavya’s malicious intentions.

To validate her claims, Kavya produced the guilt admittance papers signed by Pratiksha. Ravi confronted Kavya, inquiring whether she had truly drugged Pratiksha and coerced her into signing the papers. Mandip supported Kavya’s account, while Ravi attempted to side with Pratiksha. However, Pratiksha, determined and self-reliant, declared that she didn’t need Ravi’s support. Ravi pulled Pratiksha aside and reminded her that she had confessed her love for him in a drunken state, assuring her of his unwavering support. Pratiksha, betrayed by Ravi’s marriage to Kavya and having lost her trust in him, resolved to rely solely on herself. Ravi accepted her decision, acknowledging that it was her prerogative.

Returning to the hall, Pratiksha faced Kavya, who warned her that this was her last chance to leave the house voluntarily or face consequences using the guilt admittance papers. Pratiksha rebutted, claiming that the papers held no validity as they had been obtained when she was not in her right mind. She defiantly set fire to the divorce papers and passed a cutting remark directed at Kavya. Ravi smiled, recognizing Pratiksha’s indomitable spirit and her ability to resolve her own problems without relying on anyone else.

[Episode End]

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