Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gungun inquiring from Damini about Radha’s chances of recovery. In an unexpected moment, Damini’s mask slips off, prompting Gungun to question her silence. Just then, Ketki intervenes and advises Gungun not to disturb the nurse, swiftly escorting her away from the scene. Damini promptly readjusts her mask and contemplates her ulterior motive of eliminating Radha. Meanwhile, Mohan expresses his deep affection for Radha, but Damini interrupts, stating that she needs to give the patient a sponge bath. Mohan seeks reassurance from Damini, who claims that it will be beneficial for Radha. Tenderly, he places a kiss on Radha’s forehead before departing from the room.

Curious about Radha’s response, Kadambari approaches Mohan for an update. Disheartened, he informs her of his unsuccessful attempts to revive Radha’s consciousness. Gungun, determined to reach out to Radha, voices her intention, only to be stopped by the doctor who prohibits children from entering Radha’s room. Overwhelmed by emotions, Gungun bursts into tears as Mohan watches, feeling helpless. Tulsi, desperate to offer solace, tries to embrace Gungun but is unsuccessful, leading her to join in the tears of sadness.

Damini securely locks the door from the outside, ensuring privacy. Taking off her mask, she reveals her face. Her voice filled with determination, she confesses that she has made numerous attempts to end Radha’s life, yet Radha has miraculously escaped every time. However, it seems that destiny has chosen Damini to be the one to bring about Radha’s demise. Radha must perish, trapped in the clutches of Damini’s love for Mohan. With a chilling intent, Damini moves closer, preparing to strangle Radha.

Gungun urgently informs Mohan that Radha loves him deeply, imploring him to save her. Mohan, torn by his own feelings for Radha, expresses his love but admits he doesn’t know how to rescue her. The Trivedis are shocked upon hearing Mohan’s conflicted admission. Gungun insists that they must take action, while Tulsi asserts that Radha must stay alive for the sake of Mohan’s love.

Miraculously, Radha regains consciousness and grips Damini’s hand. She forcefully pushes Damini away, causing her to collide with a nearby table. Struggling for breath, Damini lies gasping for air. Hearing a commotion, the Trivedis rush into the room, their shock evident as they witness Radha’s condition. Ajeet quickly goes to fetch the doctor, while Mohan assures Radha that nothing will harm her. He vows to fulfill any task she asks of him.

Meanwhile, Damini manages to conceal herself from their view, silently slipping away. Radha removes her oxygen mask, expressing to Mohan that their love will endure throughout their various lifetimes, and she refuses to leave his side. The doctor arrives, astonished that Radha has regained consciousness. The Trivedis rejoice at the doctor’s proclamation. Instructing the nurse to bring more blankets, the doctor attends to Radha’s well-being. Gungun embraces Radha with relief, and Radha, catching sight of Damini, points her finger towards her. However, Damini escapes before Mohan can spot her.

Back at Kaveri’s, there is concern over Damini’s prolonged absence. Eventually, Damini appears, informing Kaveri that Radha has regained consciousness. Curious, Kaveri questions if Damini has not yet succeeded in killing Radha. Shaking her head, Damini reveals her determination to end Radha’s life soon. Just then, Ketki enters the scene, leaving Damini to wonder if she overheard their conversation.

[Episode End]

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