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Kumkum Bhagya 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Akshay introducing Prachi as his wife to Ranbir, who gazes intently at her. Prachi wonders why Ranbir is staring at her as though she has made a mistake by marrying Akshay, despite his previous marriage to Rhea. Akshay requests Ranbir’s blessings, to which he responds by saying, “God bless the person who loves Prachi.” Akshay reminds him to bless them both, not just himself. Ranbir comments on the situation and then turns to Shahana, asking her to speak since she had many things to say when she visited his house. Dadi inquires about Ranbir’s desires, prompting him to question whether he can truly have what he wants. Akshay assures him that he can attain his heart’s desires if he truly wishes for them. Ranbir points out that Prachi is married, suggesting they celebrate the occasion. Akshay agrees, stating that they can celebrate grandly.

The pandit instructs the newlywed couple to seek blessings from the elders. Akshay asks Ranbir to stay put and suggests they have dinner after receiving the blessings. Akshay hands Ranbir a wine glass, remarking that today is an unforgettable day and they should celebrate, cautioning him not to consume more than three drinks. Ranbir acknowledges that it is indeed an unforgettable day and takes a sip of wine, observing Prachi as she receives the elders’ blessings alongside Akshay.

Prachi notices Ranbir’s presence and wonders why he is here after marrying Rhea. Divya, on the phone, tells her friend how handsome Ranbir is. Shahana dismisses Divya from the area, and Ranbir glares at Prachi, consumed by anger.

Abhay mentions to Mike that the elders are delighted with Prachi and Akshay’s marriage, while the youngsters crave their own form of entertainment. As a result, Abhay suggests inviting the newlywed couple, Prachi and Akshay, to the stage for a couple’s performance. The audience applauds as they take the stage. Akshay then kneels before Prachi and invites her to dance with him, to which she agrees. They dance together while the crowd watches.

Ranbir, feeling envious, consumes more alcohol and joins them on the dance floor. While dancing, Prachi questions why Ranbir is present since he was married to Rhea. Ranbir denies marrying Rhea and expresses his belief that there is still time for them to reconcile, urging Prachi to come with him. Akshay and his family are perplexed by Ranbir’s behavior.

Frustrated, Rhea begins breaking things, prompting Pallavi to slap her in an attempt to control her. Unable to contain herself, Rhea continues causing destruction in the wedding pavilion. Ranbir insists to Prachi that they love each other and implores her to go with him. Prachi breaks down in tears. Visakha intervenes and separates Ranbir from Prachi, questioning his audacity to treat their daughter-in-law in such a manner. Ashok instructs Ranbir to leave the house, stating that he is not in his right mind. Defiant, Ranbir claims his sanity and urges Prachi to acknowledge her love for him. Visakha questions Dadi about the unfolding chaos, expressing concern for their family’s reputation.

Ranbir pleads with Prachi to accompany him, while Akshay asks Prachi to explain what is happening. Ranbir implores Prachi to speak up and confesses his love for her. Akshay, angered by Ranbir’s actions, grabs his collar, dismissing it as a tasteless prank. Ranbir insists it’s not a prank and professes his genuine love for Prachi. Akshay strikes Ranbir. Ranbir persists, asking Prachi to declare her love in front of everyone. Ignoring Prachi’s pleas, Akshay continues to physically assault Ranbir. Prachi intervenes and halts Akshay’s actions. She admits to Ranbir that she loves him, shocking everyone present. Prachi confesses that she cannot live without Ranbir and implores him to take her with him.

[Episode End]

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