Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Virat’s discovery of a flight blueprint in Bheema’s room dustbin. Kadam inquires about the matter, and Virat reveals that Bheema intends to hijack a plane. Meanwhile, the airline announces a two-hour delay for Sai’s flight. Sai approaches the airline crew and explains their need to catch a connecting flight to Germany, requesting assistance in reaching Mumbai on time. A helpful airline staff member suggests they take a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai.

Virat promptly alerts the airport security, instructing them to prevent all flights from taking off. He shares Bheema’s photo with the security personnel, requesting them to inform their team if they spot the individual in the airport. Sai and Chavan’s family board the plane, as the airport security fails to stop the flight. Virat and his team arrive at the airport, only to discover that the Nagpur to Mumbai flight has already departed before they could intervene. The Security Officer updates Virat, revealing that Bheema is aboard the hijacked flight.

Meanwhile, Savi asks Sai to share her story. As Sai opens a cabinet, a wedding card unexpectedly falls out. Taking the opportunity, Ninad excuses himself to use the washroom. Aarti discloses that it is her wedding card, prompting Sai to offer her best wishes and inquire about her troubled expression. Aarti explains that her future in-laws have objected to her working after marriage, leaving her feeling confused. Sai advises Aarti to communicate her doubts to Rahul and resolve the matter, assuring her that she can pursue her dreams with her husband’s support, just as Sai has done. Aarti expresses gratitude for having an understanding husband, and Satya chimes in, thanking Sai on Virat’s behalf and assuring her not to feel awkward. Sai hands the book to Savi, while Geethanjali and Satya engage in a discussion about the power of love.

Bheema engages in a heated argument with the flight staff, demanding immediate food service. Savi recognizes Bheema and informs Sai that he is affiliated with Ramakant. The flight attendant urges Bheema to avoid causing a scene, but he behaves rudely towards her. Ninad attempts to intervene, but Bheema forcefully pushes him aside. Sai rushes to Ninad’s aid and questions Bheema about his aggressive actions. In a shocking turn of events, Bheema retrieves a pistol from the food pack and points it at Sai’s head, declaring that the flight is now hijacked. Panic and disbelief fill the air as the passengers react to the alarming situation. Satya pleads with Bheema to release Sai, but Bheema’s accomplice warns Satya to remain calm. Meanwhile, Savi, overwhelmed with fear, cries out for her mother.

Virat urgently contacts the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and requests them to inform the flight captain about the hijacking, urging the captain to alert the Air Marshal. The ATC promptly notifies the flight captains, instructing them to return to Nagpur. However, the captains face difficulties in establishing communication with the Air Marshal. Recognizing the severity of the situation, an air hostess activates a red alert to alert the captains. To her shock, she discovers that the Air Marshal is already deceased when she attempts to contact him. The flight captains announce over the intercom for everyone to return to their seats, citing technical difficulties as the reason for the return to Nagpur. Bheema forces Sai to accompany him and demands that the captains open the door, threatening to detonate the plane if his demands are not met. The captain discreetly signals the ATC, informing them that their aircraft has been hijacked. Virat, realizing they arrived too late, expresses his frustration to Kadam. Eventually, the captain opens the door as instructed by Bheema. Bheema insists on redirecting the flight to Nanded. Deeply concerned for the safety of everyone on board, Sai resolves to find a way to protect them. Despite the efforts of some officers to apprehend Bheema and his men, one of them is tragically shot in the process, intensifying Sai’s sense of terror.

[Episode End]

Precap : During their conversation, Bheema assures Virat that as long as they receive 50 crores of money and Ramakant, they won’t cause any harm to anyone on the flight.

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