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Bhagya Lakshmi 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Neha expressing her love for Rishi to Lakshmi. Perplexed, Lakshmi questions Neha about her sudden declaration. Shalu and Bani interject, making a sarcastic remark directed at Lakshmi. Unwilling to address Neha’s query, Lakshmi decides to leave the scene.

Meanwhile, Rano inquires of Karishma whether she has contacted Vikrant’s family. Confirming the action, Karishma affirms that she has indeed made the call. Subsequently, Rishi engages in a heated argument with Karishma and Neelam regarding Vikrant. Growing weary of Rishi’s behavior, Neelam insists that he should depart and refrain from returning until the completion of the Pooja. Upon hearing this, Rishi departs from the location. Coincidentally, Rishi encounters Vikrant, who inquires about his ongoing animosity towards him. Karishma denies any lingering tension and urges Vikrant to let it go. Vikrant makes a passing comment about Rishi, expressing hope for the resolution of their misunderstanding.

Ayush scolds Vikrant while Neha comes over and playfully covers Ayush’s eyes. Ayush clarifies that it wasn’t Shalu who closed his eyes. Neha stands in front of Ayush and confirms that his guess is correct. Ayush playfully flirts with Neha, which makes Shalu feel jealous, and she winks at Ayush. Ayush mentions the situation to Neha, while Shalu tries to grab his attention. However, Bani intervenes, reminding them to focus on their mission. Ayush and Shalu agree with Bani’s point and refocus their attention.

Ayush and Lakshmi’s sisters descend the stairs, but they can’t find Rishi. Ayush asks Shalu to inquire about Rishi’s whereabouts from Rano. Agreeing to Ayush’s request, Shalu approaches Rano and asks her about Rishi’s location. Rano reveals the details to Shalu, who then relays the information to Ayush. After hearing the explanation, Ayush deduces that Rishi’s actions were part of a plan to carry out his own agenda without any disruptions. Ayush discusses Rishi’s motives with Shalu and Bani, and they appreciate Rishi’s clever thinking.

Rishi privately contemplates searching Vikrant’s house for evidence against him. Ayush proposes joining Rishi in this endeavor, and Rishi agrees.

Ayush rings the doorbell at Vikrant’s house, and the maid opens the door. Ayush concocts a reason to enter, claiming to be a close friend of Vikrant’s who came to assist with house renovations. However, the maid denies Ayush entry since she doesn’t recognize him. Realizing the situation, Ayush pretends to call Vikrant, handing the phone to the maid as though she’s speaking to Vikrant himself, requesting permission for Ayush’s entry. Rishi modulates his voice and instructs the maid, pretending to be Vikrant, to allow Ayush inside for the renovation. Confused, the maid questions Ayush about the change in Vikrant’s voice, to which Ayush quickly fabricates an explanation. Eventually, Rishi and Ayush gain access to the house.

Once inside, Rishi and Ayush discreetly send the maid away under the pretense of wanting some juice. They begin searching the house.

Ayush investigates Vikrant’s room, while Rishi explores Vikrant’s parents’ room. Meanwhile, Neha asks Shalu and Bani if they should contact Ayush to inquire about any evidence they might have found to expose Vikrant. Shalu expresses confidence that Ayush and Rishi will surely discover proof against Vikrant.

Unfortunately, Rishi and Ayush come up empty-handed. In the meantime, while preparing tea and juice, the maid decides to call Vikrant to discuss kitchen renovations. However, she becomes distracted and sets the phone aside.

Ayush hears a ringing phone and assumes the maid is approaching, so he pretends to take measurements. The maid brings Ayush his tea and then leaves. Ayush attempts to put the bag he was examining back in the cupboard when tea accidentally spills on the floor, causing the documents from the bag to scatter as well. Ayush sighs, feeling unlucky. Among the fallen items is a photo of Vikrant and Saloni.

[Episode End]

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