Anupamaa 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Malti inquires about Anupama’s activities and expresses concern for her injury. Nakul questions why Anupama didn’t complain to Malti, mentioning the difficulty of accepting help from an adversary. Anupama responds to Nakul, stating that they are not enemies and that fear motivated his actions, causing harm due to his insecurity. Nakul deeply regrets his behavior and acknowledges the negative impact of his insecurity. Anupama appreciates Nakul’s unwavering support since she joined Gurukul, emphasizing that she couldn’t run Gurukul without him. Nakul commends Anupama, now understanding what Malti saw in her, and respectfully refers to her as his teacher, recognizing her guidance. Meanwhile, Malti worries about Anupama’s recovery before the event, leaving Anupama and Nakul in a state of shock.

In another scene, Pakhi serves coffee to Adhik while Barkha, Dimple, and Maya show displeasure. Pakhi apologizes to Barkha, and Dimple expresses gratitude for Pakhi’s use of a new word. Pakhi encourages Dimple to learn as well, sharing Anupama’s belief that a fresh start can happen any day. Pakhi expresses her efforts to change and receives praise from Anuj and Ankush. Referring to Anuj’s previous comment about her being Anupama’s shadow, Pakhi promises not to disappoint him. Anuj feels proud, and Maya daydreams about Pakhi demanding Anuj to bring back Anupama. However, in reality, Pakhi asks Anuj to organize a farewell party for Anupama, explaining that she will be leaving for the USA soon. Maya supports Pakhi’s idea, hoping to gain Anuj’s trust through party preparations, which irritates Barkha.

Later, Pakhi calls Anupama and invites her to the Kapadia house for the farewell party. Anupama contemplates Maya’s presence but is convinced by Anuj’s poetic persuasion. She agrees to attend the party, unaware that there will be two parties on the same day.

Anupama’s feet throbbed with pain, but she mustered up her determination to keep walking. Malti, noticing the depth of the wound, expressed her concern. Unfazed, Anupama reassured Malti that she would not let the pain deter her. Nakul chimed in, acknowledging Anupama’s strength. However, Malti couldn’t help but worry that they might have to cancel the event if Anupama’s wound didn’t heal in time. Undeterred by the challenges, Anupama found the motivation within herself and continued walking. She firmly believed in never giving up, especially now, as she pursued her dream of going to the USA. Despite her injured feet, Anupama pressed on, relying on Bhairvi’s support to keep moving forward.

[Episode End]

Precap : Leela becomes upset upon discovering that Pakhi has organized a party for Anupama at the Kapadia residence. Maya becomes annoyed by this. Upon learning about Anupama’s injury, Anuj playfully twirls her in his arms.

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