Anupamaa 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anupama confronts Paritosh about his decision to leave the house. Paritosh explains to Anupama that he had been contemplating it. Vanraj questions Paritosh if he has also been thinking about it. Paritosh tells the Shah family that he wants to live separately for Pari’s sake, as he finds Dimple and Samar’s behavior unbearable. He mentions that Anupama had offered him the option of living separately. Anupama lovingly feeds Paritosh some sweets and expresses that she would have resorted to harsher measures, but since he emphasized the avoidance of drama, she tries to make him understand gently. Anupama reminds Paritosh that she gave him the choice, yet he chose to live separately when Rakhi offered him a house and job. She questions Paritosh if he has a job to provide for Pari’s needs. Vanraj adds that Paritosh has also indulged in drama in the past. Anupama emphasizes that Paritosh cannot make such a decision without Kinjal’s consent and urges him to clarify with Kinjal if she wishes to stay with him or not.

However, Kinjal refuses to go with Paritosh. Paritosh departs from the place. Leela requests Anupama to keep visiting them. Anupama assures Leela that she will do so. Leela asks Vanraj if he is also afraid, to which he responds that no one other than Anupama can manage the household.

Dimple, accompanied by Samar and Pakhi, pays a visit to Kapadia. Adhik and Pakhi exchange lingering gazes. Anuksh urges Barkha not to create a scene. Concerned about Malti’s high blood pressure, Nakul advises her to stay calm. Malti confides in Nakul, expressing her worry about giving Anupama a chance. Nakul dismisses Anupama as an unfit choice for a successor, reasoning that she is merely a mother. However, Malti disagrees with Nakul. Later, Nakul requests Malti to give him a fair chance as well. He proposes a competition between Anupama and himself to determine the ultimate successor.

Anuj, accompanied by others, warmly welcomes Dimple, Samar, and Pakhi. He requests Pakhi to stay back. Ankush suggests that Samar stay with Dimple, citing the difficulty of being away from one’s newly wedded wife. Samar asks Anuj and Ankush to stop teasing. Pakhi returns Adhik’s watch. Barkha questions Pakhi about why she didn’t deliver it to Adhik earlier. Pakhi delivers a fitting reply, stating that Barkha wanted her to bring Dimple back. Anuj suggests that Pakhi take charge of the house, considering she is Anupama’s daughter.

Barkha urges Maya to take action before it’s too late, fearing that Anuj may follow Anupama to the USA. Maya becomes annoyed at the mention of Anupama’s name. Vanraj assists Kinjal in completing her work, and Kinjal takes care of Pari. Vanraj inquires about Kinjal’s well-being and whether she has reached a decision. Kinjal admits that she is still undecided but cannot continue living with Paritosh. She expresses her inability to stop loving the Shahs. Kinjal resolves to have a conversation with Vanraj and Leela.

Nakul informs Anupama about the upcoming competition. Mischievously, he secretly adds glass pieces to the rose water decoration to harm Anupama.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anupama sustains an injury, prompting Malti to suggest reviewing the CCTV footage in order to uncover the individual responsible for harming her.

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