Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Abhir decides to reach out to Lord Shiva with a pressing question about his real father’s absence from Akshara’s life. He expresses his curiosity about why Akshara and his biological father are not together. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu notices Abhinav taking care of Akshara and approaches Abhir to shed some light on the situation. Abhimanyu explains that Akshara is not at fault and that his real father may be the one responsible for their separation. Regardless of the reasons, Abhimanyu urges Abhir not to blame himself and reassures him that he is the best kid in the world. Embracing Abhir, Abhimanyu shows his affection. Just then, Abhinav calls out to Abhir, offering to drop him off at school after their conversation. Reluctantly, Abhir releases Abhimanyu’s hand and accompanies Abhinav.

Abhinav advises Abhir to focus on his studies and informs him that the doctor has given him permission to play football for 15 minutes. He also mentions that Neelima will be picking Abhir up from school because he needs to accompany Akshara for her exam. Intrigued, Abhir asks Abhinav why he loves him. Abhinav sincerely responds that it’s because Abhir is his son. However, Abhir further questions whether Abhinav would still love him the same way if he wasn’t his biological child. This question leaves Abhinav stunned, and he urges Abhir to go to school without providing a direct answer. Abhinav begins to wonder why Abhir posed such a question and starts doubting if Abhimanyu shared any information with him. Worried, Abhinav’s mind races with various possibilities.

Akshara fervently prays to God, seeking success in her upcoming exam. She confides in her aspirations of becoming a proficient lawyer, aiming to provide support for Abhir, Abhinav, and her entire family. Abhimanyu, aware of Akshara’s capabilities, encourages her for the exam, reminding her that she has never faltered before and will triumph in her law examination as well.

While preparing, Akshara learns that Abhinav is stuck in traffic due to a landslide. Determined not to let this hinder her, she decides to opt for a bus to reach the exam center. Informed of her plans, Akshara requests Abhimanyu to hand over the keys to Neelima if he intends to go out. With urgency in her stride, Akshara rushes towards the exam center.

Meanwhile, Kairav boldly confesses his love for Muskaan in front of Manish, revealing that he was initially hesitant to acknowledge the possibility of falling in love again. However, Kairav now admits his inability to stay apart from Muskaan. Manish expresses his willingness to convince Abhinav and Neelima of Kairav’s love, provided Muskaan reciprocates his feelings.

Unfortunately, Akshara misses her bus, but Abhimanyu comes to her aid by arranging a taxi. Persuading Akshara to sit in the car, he reassures her and even suggests resorting to cheating if she struggles to recall certain topics. Feeling uncertain about her decision to accept the ride, Akshara believes that everything has been going awry since morning. In an attempt to uplift her spirits, Abhimanyu shares his own exam experiences with Akshara, aiming to provide reassurance and confidence.

In another location, Surekha and Suhasini join forces to oppose the alliance between Kairav and Muskaan. Meanwhile, Akshara dedicates herself to preparing for her exam. Ruhi approaches Abhimanyu and implores him to assist Abhir in uncovering the truth about his biological father. When Akshara accuses Abhimanyu of disclosing the truth, he explains to her that Abhir discovered it because of their actions. Faced with a difficult decision, Akshara chooses to prioritize meeting Abhir over attending her exam. However, Abhimanyu provides encouragement, urging Akshara not to let go of her opportunity to take the exam. Despite his offer to assist her in reaching the exam center, Akshara declines Abhimanyu’s help.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhinav receives a letter from Abhir, inquiring about his biological father, and he approaches Akshara seeking answers.

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