Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Kaashvi performing the graha pravesh ritual. Aruna enlightens her about the ring-finding ceremony, explaining that its outcome will determine who will reign supreme. Arjun, however, begins to hallucinate Mahima during the ritual and performs it joyfully, wearing a smile on his face. Kaashvi questions him, wondering why he is smiling when she has emerged victorious in this round. She realizes that Arjun had imagined Mahima and hopes that their married life will not encounter any awkward situations, wishing for their friendship to endure forever.

Arjun, on the other hand, resolves not to dwell on thoughts of Mahima. They then enter Arjun’s room and take note of the decorations. Arjun’s cousins tease them, prompting him to send them away. Realizing that he needs to change the atmosphere, Arjun implores Kaashvi to say something. Perplexed, she asks him what he means. Arjun explains that they never anticipated finding themselves in this moment. Kaashvi suggests that the first night is a divine gift, and they should celebrate it accordingly. This notion alarms Arjun, and he questions her intentions, asking if she knows what the first night signifies.

Kaashvi approaches him, removes his marriage garland, and assures him that they can celebrate their first night in various ways. To emphasize her playful tease, she picks up a book from the table and chuckles at his expression. She clarifies that he has nothing to worry about and playfully suggests that they celebrate the first night in their unique style. Arjun comprehends that she was merely teasing him.

Kaashvi then expresses her understanding of the circumstances under which their marriage took place and emphasizes their friendship, proposing that they make the most of their union. Arjun is left bewildered by her words. She elucidates that since he used to call her at night to seek help with his studies, they can now study together. They decide to embrace this opportunity and study as a couple.

On the contrary, Samrat inquires of Nayantara whether she likes the room. Curiously, she asks him when he had decorated it. He confesses that he arranged everything once she agreed to marry him. Nayantara playfully chides him, saying he’s behaving like a teenager. Unfazed, Samrat insists that his love for her has only grown and suggests that they give Kaashvi a sibling as a gift. He believes that love knows no age.

Meanwhile, Arjun expresses his confusion to Kaashvi, who reassures him that he should be grateful that she’s by his side. As the title song plays in the background, she takes it upon herself to teach him. Kaashvi informs him that she will be preparing her first rasoi (first meal as a married woman) the next day. Arjun mischievously teases her about her cooking skills, prompting her to playfully hit him. He advises her to seek Nitya’s assistance to uphold her culinary reputation.

Exhausted, they both fall onto the bed. Arjun acknowledges that the situation might be unfamiliar and uncomfortable for both of them, being newlyweds. To ease the tension, he constructs a pillow bridge between them and assures her that he will respect her privacy. Kaashvi interprets this as a sign of his care for her, and she finds solace in that thought. Arjun resolves to always support Kaashvi and they drift off to sleep together.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat discovers that Nitya did not grant permission for the parking lot to be used for his shopping mall. In response, Nitya acknowledges Kaashvi’s proficiency in both household tasks and studies. To assist Kaashvi, Samrat arranges for servants to aid her, emphasizing that she shouldn’t be burdened with household chores. Nitya reminds Nayantara that they already have servants working in their household and suggests that if Samrat and Nayantara wish to flaunt their wealth, they should do so without comparing themselves to her. Nitya firmly asserts that she will not tolerate any disrespect towards her family.

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