Woh Toh Hai Albelaa

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Chaman inquiring whether they are discussing the story of her film. Ranjith struggles to respond, and Chaman, in a fit of anger, grabs a vase, ready to strike him. Kanha intervenes and takes Chaman aside. He reveals that the director intends to replace the leading actress after Chaman threatens him with a gun. Chaman becomes furious, but Kanha insists they should focus on their haldi ceremony and convince the director. Chaman becomes ecstatic when Kanha speaks in her native language. She excitedly leaves to prepare herself.

Sayuri takes the initiative to make Ranjith understand the situation and assures him that they will bring Amu. She sends Nakul to accomplish this task.

Addressing the director, Sayuri acknowledges that he may feel trapped in a complicated situation, and Ranjith nods in agreement. She explains that it is also a difficult position for her as any wrong move could jeopardize her husband and family. She pleads with the director to empathize with her predicament. Ranjith gives his consent.

Rashmi, busy giving orders to the servants regarding the decorations, catches Chaman’s attention with her familiar voice. Just as Chaman is about to approach her, Sayuri calls out to her, and Rashmi quickly hides her face. Sayuri pretends to review the menu while Rashmi manages to slip away unnoticed.

Nakul contacts Kanha and relays the situation that a girl has escaped from a brothel, while the other girls, including Amu, remain captive. Kanha instructs Nakul to ensure Amu’s rescue, not just for their sake but for Amu’s own well-being. Nakul agrees and ends the call. In the distance, Nakul hears the cries of a girl.

Chaman urges Kanha to apply haldi on her, but Kanha cleverly distracts her by playing the dhol. Seizing the opportunity, he takes Sayuri aside while Chaman is engrossed in dancing. They apply haldi on each other, knowing that it is their exclusive right. When Kanha playfully smears haldi on Chaman’s face, she blushes and inquires about him. Overwhelmed with shyness, she starts dancing, and soon, everyone joins in, forcefully applying haldi on each other.

Meanwhile, Kanha and Sayuri patiently await Nakul’s arrival. Spotting a man mistreating a girl, Nakul catches Amu’s attention. Sensing danger, she signals him to come outside and pretends to be unwell, pretending to vomit. The man forces Amu out as well, unknowingly leading her to meet Nakul. Amu narrates the situation to Nakul, who reveals the Director’s intention to leave without her presence. Sympathizing with her in such a challenging predicament, Nakul expresses his regret for causing her trouble. Amu suggests they find a way to escape from this situation.

Back at the haldi ceremony, Chaman attempts to hug Kanha, but he persuades her to sit down for the haldi ritual. Sayuri, in search of the Director, discovers his absence and wonders if he has fled. She discreetly signals Kanha, informing him about the situation. As Chaman expresses satisfaction with the haldi ceremony, she asks Kanha to call the Director to sign the papers. Amidst everyone’s anxious faces, the Director arrives with Amu and Nakul. They hand over the papers, and Chaman signs them, bringing a collective sigh of relief.

Nakul requests Chaman to unlock her phone for the first payment, but she reveals that only Tingu knows the password. Kanha suggests trying either of their birthdays, and to everyone’s surprise, it opens with Chaman’s birthdate. Nakul proceeds with the transaction. The Director then requests 8 crore for announcing the film, but Chaman shocks everyone by declaring that she will only give the money after their marriage and the official announcement of the film.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kanha informs Chaman about the necessity of mortgaging their house for a sum of 8 crore. Chaman promptly agrees, assuring Kanha that they will initiate the mortgage process the following day. Both Kanha and Sayuri express their belief that everything will return to normal starting from the next day. As Chaman notices Tingu gesturing towards his dropped bottle, he becomes curious and asks for the reason behind it. A sense of worry fills the air, engulfing everyone present.

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