Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Angad pleading for Sahiba’s forgiveness. However, Sahiba redirects the conversation to Angad’s well-being, focusing solely on his health. Despite Angad’s attempts to broach the topic, Sahiba evades discussing it, feigning disinterest. Eventually, Angad rises from the bed, prompting Sahiba to assist him in walking to the washroom. Curious, Angad questions Sahiba’s reason for serving him when she harbors resentment towards him. Sahiba simply states that she is merely fulfilling her duty.

Angad enters the washroom while Veer inquires about Angad’s condition. Sahiba informs Veer that Angad is currently in the washroom and advises him to inquire about it once Angad emerges.

Seerat expresses concern for Angad’s well-being and asks how he is feeling. Grateful, Angad credits his improvement to Sahiba’s care. Veer then suggests that Sahiba should eat something, considering she hasn’t consumed anything since the previous day. Sahiba postpones her meal, urging Angad to eat instead. Agreeing with her, Angad complies. Seerat questions Sahiba’s abrupt and cold behavior towards Angad, reminding her that he saved her life. Sahiba reveals to Seerat that Angad had intentions of purchasing their shop, which ultimately led to the fire accident. Despite Sahiba’s revelations, Seerat defends Angad, asserting that Sahiba should be grateful for his assistance.

Angad implores Veer to spend the night, yet Sahiba dismisses the notion, stating her intention to remain by Angad’s side throughout the night. After some time, Veer and Seerat depart from the room. Angad questions Sahiba about her decision to stay, considering her anger towards him. Sahiba explains that she has resolved to take care of Angad until he returns home.

Sahiba recollects the events that transpired. Angad implores Sahiba to have a meal, but she remains silent. Angad pleads with Sahiba not to direct her anger towards him by rejecting food. Determined, Angad feeds Sahiba a few morsels, and she eventually concedes, acknowledging Angad’s reasoning, and eats from his hand.

Reflecting on Angad’s actions, Sahiba realizes that he genuinely cares for her, despite their strained relationship. Meanwhile, Seerat sobs quietly to herself. Jasleen approaches Seerat and inquires about Garry’s whereabouts. Seerat reveals that Garry has left the house. Jasleen reminds Seerat of how Akaal supported Garry in the business matters. Jasleen vows to do whatever she can to provide Garry with an opportunity to pursue business ventures. She emphasizes to Seerat the importance of sparking Garry’s interest in entrepreneurship to prevent them from perpetually relying on their family for sustenance.

Veer reaches out to Sahiba, offering his assistance whenever she needs it. Sahiba agrees to this arrangement. Angad and Sahiba engage in a conversation about Veer. Angad inquires about Sahiba’s opinion of him. Sahiba characterizes him as an ATM, someone who believes money can solve all problems, exemplified by his attempt to buy her shop. Angad admits his actions and extends an apology. Sahiba expresses eternal gratitude to Angad for saving her life but asserts that forgiveness for his deeds is beyond her reach.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gurleen eagerly receives Sahiba’s pregnancy report from the delivery boy and rushes to her family, brimming with excitement. She joyfully announces that there is wonderful news to share. Curious, Akaal asks Gurleen about the nature of this good news. With a beaming smile, Gurleen replies that Angad will be the one to disclose it to everyone. Passing the pregnancy report into Angad’s hands, she encourages him to reveal the contents. Angad, filled with anticipation, reads the report aloud, happily proclaiming that Sahiba is expecting a baby.

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