Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Veer graciously allowing Raj to borrow his bike, expressing his support for their love story. Raj and Veer express their gratitude before departing, leaving Veer with a smile on his face. Sikander confides in his assistant about his new plan, determined not to repeat past mistakes. To ensure secrecy, he discloses that he sent Kavya and emphasizes the need to keep Isha’s presence concealed. Meanwhile, Isha is shown bound and captive. Kavya, with an evil glare in her eyes, feeds dinner to Vian, who joyfully accepts. Later, Kavya informs Sikander about Isha’s attempt to block her entry into her own home using Shyam Tulsi. Suddenly, all of Isha’s friends appear, surprising her with birthday wishes. Mahek notices something troubling in Isha’s eyes and inquires about her well-being.

Kavya quickly dismisses it, claiming to have something in her own eyes. Isha suggests celebrating her birthday at the hospital, as she misses Vian. Agreeing to her request, they all proceed to the hospital. Mahek becomes increasingly suspicious of Kavya’s strange behavior. Kavya recalls Sikander’s warning about Mahek, causing her to be cautious. They gather around Vian as they cut the cake, and Mahek attempts to feed Isha a slice. However, Isha purposefully avoids any physical contact, raising Mahek’s suspicions even further. Isha’s friends present her with a collage, to which she feigns happiness. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mahek expresses her admiration for Isha’s exceptional ability to handle each of them during their best and worst times. She acknowledges Isha’s instrumental role in making their friendship so special and declares her everlasting love and support. Isha sincerely thanks her friends for their kind words and gestures.

The following day, Isha made an attempt to free herself, but her efforts proved futile. Sikander entered, wishing her well, but Isha was visibly annoyed. With a smirk, Sikander reassured her that she would soon be liberated once they successfully annihilated Landslade. Isha was taken aback by this revelation, feeling utterly helpless as Sikander laughed in amusement before departing.

In the hospital, Kavya cautiously entered, taking measured steps. Expressing her confusion, Kavya questioned the situation. Vian replied, saying it was her surprise. Veer approached and confessed his remorse for leaving her, acknowledging her perfection and accepting his mistake. He pleaded for forgiveness, promising that although he couldn’t guarantee it would be his final mistake, he would never repeat it and would fight to keep her. Overwhelmed by emotions, Kavya interrupted him and embraced him, prompting smiles from everyone witnessing the heartfelt moment. However, the joy was short-lived as Veer grabbed Isha by the neck, demanding to know her whereabouts. The revelation shocked everyone present, including Veer himself, as he recognized Kavya.

Later that night, Sikander’s assistant employed dark magic on Isha, instilling fear within her. Sikander reveled in the successful execution of his plan, leaving Isha feeling like she had no other options. Under the enchantment of moonlight and magic, Kavya, with her hands tied, escorted them somewhere. Mahek warned them against attempting an escape, explaining that their hands were bound by Shyam Tulsi. Kavya guided them to the location where Isha was being held captive.

As Sikander prepared to strike Isha with a dagger, Veer intervened, halting his actions. Others arrived at the scene, leaving Sikander astonished. Determined to proceed, Sikander commanded his assistant to continue with the procedure. Unfazed by Mahek’s threat to harm Kavya, Sikander remained unaffected, while Kavya was left in a state of shock. Sikander ordered his men to attack Isha’s friends and Veer, emphasizing that he would not repeat his mistakes. Amidst the chaos, Veer professed his deep love for Isha. Mahek engaged in a magical duel with Sikander’s men, while the assistant confronted Mahek using magic. Isha’s friends valiantly fought against Sikander’s gang, and Sikander himself ruthlessly assaulted Veer, with his men restraining him. Seizing the opportunity, Kavya managed to free herself from her restraints, causing Isha to grow concerned upon seeing Kavya’s proximity.

[Episode End]

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