Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Veer engaging in a conversation with Sikandar. Employing a taunting tone, Veer remarks upon Sikandar’s facial expressions in an attempt to divert his attention away from Armaan. This verbal exchange quickly escalates into a physical altercation as Veer persistently prattles on, intensifying Sikandar’s anger. Continually belittling Sikandar’s power, Veer’s disrespectful behavior further fuels Sikandar’s fury. In response, Sikandar unleashes a formidable ray of energy upon Veer.

Meanwhile, Halaya approaches Sikandar, carrying an invitation. Sikandar warmly welcomes Halaya into his presence.

Meanwhile, Isha brings Armaan outside and he inquires why she brought him to this location. Armaan explains that although he managed to save her today, it would be impossible for him to rescue her on a daily basis. Isha tightly holds Armaan’s hand, imploring him to accompany her, but Armaan rationalizes that it is not feasible for him to return. However, Isha adamantly refuses to leave him alone, doing her utmost to persuade Armaan to stay.

While Isha rushes to aid Veer, Armaan seizes the opportunity to swiftly depart from the scene. In the process, Isha sustains an injury and reluctantly departs as well.

Halaya is confronted by Sikandar, who questions why he hasn’t attained his desired power. Sikandar goes as far as threatening him. In response, Halaya explains that uncovering the truth isn’t an easy task for her and suggests seeking assistance from Raima, who might be able to help him. Halaya urges Sikandar to bring Raima, who happens to be Sikandar’s sister. The two siblings had a significant disagreement in the past concerning Armaan.

Raima was determined to protect Armaan due to the care he had shown her. Conversely, Sikandar sought vengeance against Armaan. Despite Sikandar’s intentions, Raima was determined to support and safeguard Armaan from his malevolent grasp. Upon discovering this, Sikandar tragically killed Raima. Learning of Sikandar’s culpability in Raima’s demise, Armaan was consumed by anger and sought revenge by attempting to kill Sikandar. In response, Sikandar resorted to erasing Armaan’s memories on that fateful day.

In this scenario, Isha is requested to let go of her attachment to Armaan since it seems impossible to reunite with him. Furthermore, she is warned that if she refuses to forget Armaan, her memories of him will be erased by him. Meanwhile, Sikandar decides to open an ancient coffin in order to awaken Raima, who has been deceased for many years. Upon awakening, Raima experiences a strong craving for blood. Sikandar instructs Raima to contact Mayogini, a task she is compelled to fulfill. Armaan supports Sikandar’s plan, while Raima refuses to let go of her memories and insists on using the bracelet, which can connect her with Mayogini. However, this bracelet was previously given to Isha. Armaan begins to feel secure. Halaya attempts to locate the whereabouts of the bracelet and forcefully grabs Raima’s hand, leading her towards the fire.

In this scenario, Cherry, Mahek, and Isha gather together for a picnic, where they openly share their emotions with one another. However, Isha is urged not to dampen the mood due to her current state. Suddenly, Isha starts feeling irritated by her bracelet, and Halaya quickly identifies the source of the discomfort. With a keen eye, Halaya observes Isha’s facial expressions this time. Meanwhile, Mahek examines the bracelet, attempting to understand what is happening to Isha. Eventually, Mahek realizes that a formidable yogini is attempting to track Isha. In the midst of this, Halaya notices a striking resemblance between Isha and Kavya. This discovery unsettles Armaan, who senses a threat. Halaya comes to the realization that Sikander was betrayed by Halaya. In a bid to protect Isha, Armaan takes decisive action and eliminates Halaya. Unfortunately, Sikandar witnesses the entire event, taking note of what unfolds.

[Episode End]

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