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Kathaa Ankahee 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kathaa Ankahee 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Viaan expressing to Katha that anyone close to him gets taken away. Katha questions him about having such thoughts, to which Viaan explains that his past experiences have instilled fear in him, making it difficult for him to move on.

Katha recalls her encounter with Seema and then gazes at Viaan. Meanwhile, Seema grows restless and worried as she searches for Viraj. Vanya assures Seema that she will resolve all misunderstandings as she finally arrives at Earthcon.

Later, Viaan drops Katha off at her house. Just as Katha is about to leave, Viaan receives a call from Farah, who informs him about Teji’s anxiety attack. Concerned, Viaan inquires about the cause of the attack. Farah reveals that it resembles a past event.

Filled with worry, Viaan decides to leave home immediately. Viaan shares with Katha the news of Teji’s anxiety attack and explains that it occurred during the chaotic period when their family was disrupted by Seema.

He wonders why Teji would experience anxiety and recalls Seema’s visit. Noticing Katha’s distress, Viaan asks her about the reason behind it. Katha refuses, stating that she lacks clarity and will share her thoughts once she gains it.

She then asks Viaan about his recent meeting with Seema. Viaan tells her about Seema’s pretense of not knowing about Earthcon or Viraj, leaving Katha shocked. Viaan meets with Teji, who expresses her fear of losing him.

Viaan assures Teji that they will never be separated. Meanwhile, Katha confides in Neerja about Seema’s visit and Viaan’s account of his meeting with her, where she acted oblivious to Earthcon and Viraj. Katha wonders about Seema’s motives for the visit.

Neerja suggests that Seema might have contemplated returning. Neerja asks Katha if something else is bothering her. Katha reveals Vanya’s desperation to become Viaan’s protege. Neerja attributes it to Vanya’s desire to impress Viaan as the CEO, but Katha disagrees with her perspective.

Meanwhile, Seema loses her composure and scolds both Vanya and her brother, forgetting their identities. Vanya and her uncle put on an act and give her medication. Vanya’s uncle reveals that Seema is in the advanced stage of dementia. Determined to solve their problems without delay, Vanya makes up her mind.

In a different conversation, Neerja playfully teases Katha, suggesting that she is jealous of Vanya. Katha compares Shamita to Vanya and expresses her concern for Viaan’s well-being. Neerja reassures her, saying that Vanya may not behave like Shamita, which convinces Katha.

Vanya encounters Ehsan at a bar and proposes that they forget their fight and become friends. Ehsan decides to test Vanya’s qualities as a potential friend and orders drinks. Later, they dance together, but Vanya’s thoughts are consumed by Seema’s deteriorating health.

She tries to get closer to Ehsan, expressing her willingness to do anything to become Viaan’s protege, and attempts to kiss him, but Ehsan pulls away. Tearfully, Vanya leaves the place, while Ehsan gazes ahead.

The following day, Katha arrives at the office, where Viaan announces Vanya as his protege. Vanya is elated by the news, and Katha congratulates her. As Vanya

[Episode End]

Precap : Vanya’s revelation about her father’s preferences comes as a startling surprise to Viaan, leaving him curious and eager to know her father’s identity. In response to his inquiry, Katha suggests to Viaan that he should consider installing a CCTV camera in his cabin. As time passes, Katha and Viaan find themselves dancing together.

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