Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Tiwari and Angoori bid farewell to the Mishra house, leaving behind a trail of tears. Amidst his emotional distress, Tiwari confides in Angoori, proclaiming his innocence regarding the alleged theft of Bhabhiji’s bangles. Trembling with cold, Tiwari implores Angoori to take him to a doctor.

However, their financial constraints prevent them from seeking medical help, prompting Angoori to call out for assistance. Unfortunately, their pleas go unanswered, leaving them with no alternative but to gather their belongings and place Tiwari on a trolley, which Angoori proceeds to push towards the doctor’s clinic.

Meanwhile, Prem engages in a conversation with Gupta and Masterji, discussing the impending rise in inflation. Spotting Gupta, Angoori beseeches him to examine Tiwari, who is suffering from a high fever. Regrettably, Gupta expresses his unavailability due to a commitment to pick up a relative from the station.

Angoori then turns to Masterji for help, only to be met with his inability to assist. Frustrated, Angoori questions Masterji’s decision, but he recounts a personal experience where he, too, required aid for his wife and was met with insensitivity. Remembering Tiwari’s hurtful words during that time, Masterji refuses to assist, apologizes, and departs.

Desperate, Angoori approaches Prem for assistance, but he cites an urgent call from his wife as a reason to decline. Angoori’s appeals for help fall on deaf ears as she goes door to door in the colony. Eventually, she takes Tiwari to a nearby temple, where he continues to plead for food and warmth. Angoori manages to obtain some prasad from the temple and urges Tiwari to consume it, stating that it’s all they have.

Just then, Vibhu approaches them with food and blankets, inviting them to his home. Angoori acknowledges Vibhu’s kindness and places the blanket on Tiwari, assuring him that Vibhu had no involvement in the situation. Determined, Tiwari resolves to fight for their home and declares that he won’t give up.

Upon Ammaji’s return to the Mishra house, a gathering ensues. Tiwari seizes the opportunity to inquire about Ammaji’s relationships with her late husband Jumanlal and Pandit Ramphal. David interjects with a teasing remark about Ramphal being Ammaji’s boyfriend, prompting her to rebuke him. Tiwari persists with his questions, but Anu urges him to spare Ammaji from further discomfort.

Unfazed, Tiwari insists on turning off the lights to alleviate any potential awkwardness. David obliges, and Tiwari resumes his questioning. Irritated, Ammaji demands the lights be switched on, refusing to answer. Tiwari, struggling with his health, seeks Vibhu’s assistance, unable to move.

In a daring move, Tiwari sneaks into RK’s bedroom through the window. Mistaken for RK’s wife, Tiwari hides under a blanket as RK embraces him. Seizing the opportunity, Tiwari emerges from his hiding place and surreptitiously cuts RK’s hair before making his escape with the evidence.

The following day, Tillu and Teeka find themselves in tears while working. RK berates them, threatening consequences if they fail to pick up the pace. RK’s wife suggests disciplining them with a belt, prompting RK to lash out at Teeka and Tillu. Tiwari intervenes, warning RK against harming them. RK, who had previously expelled Tiwari from the house, arrogantly dismisses his concerns.

However, Tiwari arrives with Saxena, his lawyer, and presents RK with a DNA report revealing that he is not Jumanlal’s son. The Commissioner enters with the Mishras, demanding RK’s departure or the initiation of a fraud case against him. Fearing legal consequences, RK and his wife flee. Gratitude and apologies fill the air as everyone expresses their appreciation. Tiwari credits Bhabhiji’s rudeness for enabling him to fight for his rights.

[Episode End]

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