Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Seerat handing a knife to Santosh, urging her to end Seerat’s life and put an end to their situation. However, Santosh refuses and pushes Seerat away, causing Seerat to fall onto Karan. Karan takes this opportunity to propose to Seerat.

Jasleen questions Sahiba’s loyalty to Manveer and Angad, considering they do not reciprocate her feelings. Inder explains that Sahiba is seeking their approval despite their unwillingness to accept her. Inder goes on to say that no matter what Sahiba does, she will not gain their approval, and it is not worth her effort. Sahiba responds by stating that she does not always act based on profit and loss. She reminds Jasleen that she was only able to marry Angad because Manveer allowed it to happen. Sahiba explains that if Manveer had not supported her, Pamela, her friend, could have easily swayed Angad against her. Sahiba ends by declaring that by the end of the day, it will be clear who is more deserving of her love: Angad or Garry.

Karan expresses his desire to marry Seerat to his friends Ajith and Santosh. In addition, he informs them that he is currently employed as a junior engineer. He reminds them that they are familiar with his family background and that he has loved Seerat since childhood. Seerat, however, refuses Karan’s proposal, as she has never thought of him in that way.

Ajith suggests that they should take some time to consider the matter. Karan leaves the scene, and Santosh scolds Seerat, urging her to marry Karan. Seerat, however, is not interested and decides to call Sahiba to seek her opinion. Unfortunately, Santosh takes away Seerat’s phone and warns her not to tell Sahiba about this issue, as she does not want to trouble her.

Manveer gifted Sahiba a dress and necklace and requested her to wear it for the evening function. When Inder questioned Manveer’s actions, Manveer explained that Sahiba’s absence could raise questions from the guests. Sahiba graciously accepted the gift.

Later, Sahiba tried to reach out to Seerat, but her phone was switched off. Sahiba contacted Kirat to inquire about Seerat’s phone status. Kirat disclosed everything except for Seerat’s marriage. Sahiba expressed her desire to speak to Seerat, but Kirat hung up without making the necessary arrangements.

Santosh is seen applying makeup to Kirat and preparing her for her wedding. Meanwhile, Angad hands over some wedding invitations to Veer and requests him to personally deliver them to a few guests. Veer agrees to the task. Soon after, Sahiba arrives with coffee for Angad and Veer. She taunts Angad, but he reminds her of their bet – if she fails to prove the truth by the end of the evening, she must leave the house. Sahiba makes a sarcastic remark before Angad departs.

Sahiba approaches Veer and asks for his help in delivering an envelope to Kirat, intended for Seerat. Veer questions the connection between Seerat’s supposed love interest and Garry’s wedding invitation. Sahiba reveals that Garry is the person who had taken Seerat away from her own wedding. Veer is taken aback by the news and initially finds it hard to believe. Eventually, he agrees to assist Sahiba and leaves the room. [Episode End]

Precap : Garry approached Sahiba and revealed that he had deceived and exploited Seerat. He callously admitted to discarding her like a mere housefly into his tea. Garry proceeded to caution Sahiba against challenging him, but before he could take another step, Sahiba delivered a resounding slap across his face. In response to Sahiba’s actions, Angad reprimanded her for striking Garry.

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