Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Sikander tightly grasps Eisha’s throat, causing her to gasp for breath. However, Armaan and Veer swiftly rise to their feet, launching an immediate attack on Sikander. Undeterred, Sikander forcefully pushes them aside, asserting his dominance. Meanwhile, Mehak taps into the ancient powers of her ancestors, gathering strength within herself.

With a malicious intent, Sikander sinks his teeth into Eisha’s vulnerable flesh, causing her immense pain. Aaliya intervenes, urgently reminding Sikander that time is running out as the full moon is nearing its end. Acknowledging her words, Sikander positions himself beneath the moon’s glow, while Aaliya commences her spell.

In a surprising turn of events, someone unexpected appears and launches an assault on Aaliya. It turns out to be Mehak, who restrains Aaliya, preventing her from fighting back. In the midst of the chaos, Armaan and Veer seize the opportunity to strike Sikander, successfully wresting the Parasman from his grasp.

Daksh, filled with rage and seeking vengeance for his mother and the lives Sikander forced him to take, plunges a blade into Sikander’s body. Daksh firmly declares that he will handle the situation from there, urging the others to rescue Eisha and Malini. Sikander, though wounded, addresses Daksh, remarking that he can kill his own brother since Sikander believes they are devoid of emotions or remorse. However, Sikander reveals a shocking truth— their mother is alive.

In disbelief, Daksh accuses Sikander of lying, blaming him for their mother’s supposed death. Sikander insists that their mother is indeed alive, having administered his blood to keep her breathing. He assures Daksh that everyone they believed to be dead is, in fact, alive. Faced with skepticism, Sikander proposes a way for Daksh to meet their mother— by allowing him to leave the premises.

Amidst the turmoil, Mehak desperately tries to revive Eisha, hoping to see her open her eyes once more. Veer expresses concern over Eisha’s unresponsiveness, questioning why she isn’t awakening. Finally, Eisha’s eyes flutter open, and Armaan embraces her, overcome with relief. Armaan proceeds to disclose to Eisha that Sudha sacrificed her own life to protect her from transforming into a wolf. Unfortunately, Malini has tragically passed away as well.

The following morning, Vihaan informs Eisha about the funeral arrangements for her mother and Malini. Overwhelmed with guilt, Eisha expresses her remorse, apologizing for her inability to save Malini. She believes that those we love always end up leaving us and mentions that even everyone else has abandoned her. In response, Vihaan reassures her that he is there for her, reminding her that his sister stands by his side. He expresses gratitude for her survival, emphasizing that as long as she is with him, he is not alone.

Vihaan leaves a letter from Sudha for Eisha, who proceeds to read it. As Eisha reads Sudha’s words, she realizes the complexities of life. Sudha reflects on the moment she had to give Eisha away to Vyom’s brother, experiencing fleeting motherhood. She cherished those precious moments and dedicated her entire life to their memory. Sudha confesses that she missed Eisha every single moment, yearning for her first words, first steps, and the beginning of her schooling journey.

Curious as to why Sudha never visited her, Eisha receives an explanation. Sudha clarifies that, as a mother, her utmost priority was to protect her child rather than physically be with her. Recognizing Eisha’s Angira heritage, Sudha felt compelled to shield her from the life of wolves indefinitely. Sudha expresses deep gratitude to Vyom’s brother and his wife for safeguarding Eisha and providing her with a superior upbringing.

Finally, Sudha implores Eisha to call her “maa” just once. Overwhelmed with emotion, Eisha responds, tearfully uttering the word “maa.” In that moment, she envisions embracing Sudha, finding solace and catharsis in their imagined reunion. Eisha’s tears flow freely as she experiences a mixture of sorrow and relief.

The entire group gathers to attend the somber funeral. Eisha clings to Vihaan, tears streaming down her face, seeking solace in his embrace. Veer, burdened with guilt, blames himself for the tragic events that unfolded. He acknowledges that everything happened because of him, regretting his decision to have Eisha consume his blood. Eisha, though uncertain about the rightness or wrongness of their actions, declares that she will never forgive Veer for the consequences they now face.

Veer’s gaze falls upon the prominent Maheshi bite mark on his hand, a grim reminder of the predicament they are in. Mahir, wearing a smug expression, catches Veer’s eye. Armaan notices this interaction and approaches Veer, questioning his strange behavior. Veer dismissively comments that funerals tend to be depressing, evading Armaan’s inquiry.

Persistent in his concern, Armaan probes further, demanding an explanation from Veer. Veer reluctantly reveals the truth, disclosing that it is a Maheshi love bite. Armaan expresses frustration, questioning Veer’s decision to keep him in the dark. Veer, seemingly resigned to his fate, counters by asserting that Armaan wouldn’t be able to fix the situation, considering it to be his death warrant.

Armaan, determined and unwavering in their bond, reminds Veer of their history of finding solutions together. Despite their conflicts, they have always stood united. Armaan urges Veer not to dwell on his personal happiness, assuring him that he won’t be a burden. He emphasizes their enduring connection and willingness to face challenges as a team.

In a surprising gesture, Veer extends his hand toward Armaan, reminiscing about the last time they shook hands. Armaan reaches out, clasping Veer’s hand, reaffirming their brotherhood. Veer utters the words, “Rule Landsdale,” symbolizing their unbreakable bond, before he departs, prepared to face the consequences that lie ahead.

Veer arrives home, carrying a vial. He solemnly declares, “This is the remedy for my suffering and the anguish I have inflicted upon others.” His gaze settles upon Sham Tulsi, a syringe in hand. Raising the vial, he offers a bittersweet toast and proceeds to administer the injection into his own body.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sikander approaches Armaan with a proposition, “I possess the remedy that can save your brother’s life.” Armaan, filled with hope, implores, “Will you lend me your aid?” Sikander pauses, contemplating his terms. “I propose a deal,” he begins, “A century ago, a notorious murderer named Armaan Oberoi haunted these streets. I want you to embrace that savage persona once more.” Armaan, taken aback, questions, “And what would be your gain?” Sikander’s response carries a sinister undertone, “Your eternal servitude.”

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