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Pandya Store 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with an interrogation of Dhara, who is questioned about why she brought another couple to the marriage ceremony. Suman scolds Dhara for not telling anyone about her plan, while Sivaa blames Raavi and Rishita for rushing the wedding. However, Raavi and Rishita deny any knowledge of Dhara’s plan and claim they were not alerted due to a network issue. Dhara appears helpless as she tries to explain her actions.

Suman continues to blame Dhara, and in a loud voice, she chastises her. Dhara breaks down in tears and apologizes to her mother with folded hands. Dhara confesses that she was informed about a conspiracy involving Shweta, but Suman asks why she didn’t tell the elders. Dhara repeatedly apologizes and explains that she never thought this would happen.

Krish also blames Dhara and shouts at her. Sivaa tries to calm the situation, but Krish realizes he is defeated by Shweta. He confirms that he will never live with Shweta and will continue to hate her because he considers the marriage a cheat. Shweta reminds him that he married her in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, a doctor arrives to check on Prerna, who has regained consciousness and is furious about what has happened to her. She tells Shivang that there is no meaning between their relationship and they should forget the accident. She also wants to speak to Krish confidentially, but Shweta tries to stop them.

In a separate room, Prerna shares her thoughts with Krish, while her mother consoles her. Shweta becomes jealous of their closeness and shouts at the family. Meanwhile, Shivang messages Shweta to stop from confessing something, but she is engaged in a dispute with Dhara and ignores the message.

Prerna requests her mother to leave them alone for some time, while Shivang tries to show Shweta a message on his phone. Shweta becomes shocked after reading the message about Prerna’s pregnancy. Prerna breaks down in tears, and Krish tries to console her.

Shweta pretends to be pregnant herself, claiming she is carrying Krish’s child. Her false pregnancy leaves them all speechless, but Suman cannot believe the news. Shivang informs Krish about Shweta’s pregnancy, leaving them both speechless. Krish attends to Shweta, leaving Prerna alone, and Prerna’s mother slaps Shweta tightly. However, Shweta continues to pretend to be pregnant. [Episode End]

Precap : Shweta reveals to Suman that she is expecting a child. The announcement takes everyone by surprise and leaves them bewildered. Krish affirms his decision to not return home with Shweta as he loves Prerna and will support her. Dhara pledges to her family that they will make every effort to keep Shweta out of the house.

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