Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Sai had managed to put Vinayak to sleep, and upon checking the time, she realized it was already 2 a.m. Deciding it was time for her to leave, she attempted to make her way to the door. However, Vinayak, still asleep, held onto her hand and begged her not to leave. Despite this, Sai made a promise to stay with him and took a step towards the door, only to be stopped by Ashwini’s voice.

Ashwini questioned Sai, asking if she had not gone home yet. Sai responded, explaining that she was about to leave, but Vinu’s grip had stopped her. Ashwini inquired about Sai’s well-being, to which she replied that she was doing fine.

Ashwini went on to mention that Pakhi had informed them about Sai’s recent marriage, and that she had thought the marriage would bring Pakhi and Virat back together. However, Ashwini had been proven wrong as Sai and Virat’s relationship had grown stronger than ever before. As a result, Pakhi had left the house. Ashwini then prayed for Pakhi’s safe return, urging her to come back home as her in-laws were undoubtedly worried about her.

In Sai’s absence, Satya takes care of Savi while she sleeps. Savi holds Satya’s hand and calls him “papa,” pleading with him not to leave her. Eventually, both of them fall asleep together. Meanwhile, Sai discovers Pakhi’s divorce papers and a note for Virat on the floor. She approaches Virat, who is crying while holding candy floss, and reminisces about their past conversations. Sai’s soul reaches out to Virat’s soul and urges him to control himself for the sake of Vinu, their child. However, Virat insists that he does not need her advice and asks her to leave. Sai embraces him and encourages him to vent his frustrations. However, she then realizes that it was merely her imagination and walks away, leaving the documents on the table. Virat notices her and confronts her as Mrs. Adhikari, reminding her that she is now someone else’s wife and daughter-in-law and should not return. Sai acknowledges Virat’s pain but reminds him that Vinu is also hurting. Virat denies being in pain and claims to be happy now that Sai is out of his life. He urges her to leave and not to bother with him or Vinu.

In a conversation between Sai and Virat, Sai reveals that their dispute is no longer just between the two of them. As a mother, she is now concerned about her son’s well-being and will not remain silent. Virat suggests that she should express her thoughts elsewhere. However, Sai asserts that she does not need to prove anything about her character to anyone and advises that they should focus on their individual roles as parents. She then leaves the conversation.

Upon reaching home, Amba notices that it’s already 4 a.m. and Satya wakes up after hearing a noise. Sai informs Satya that Vinu is doing well now and thanks him for taking care of Savi. Satya asks if Sai is alright, and she reveals that Pakhi has left divorce papers before leaving home. Although there was a bitter past between Virat, Pakhi, and herself, Sai is surprised that Pakhi didn’t think about Vinu at all before leaving. Satya suggests that Pakhi may have come to the realization that her relationship with Virat was beyond repair. Sai recalls Virat’s plea to start afresh with her.

The following day, Sai places a missing advertisement in the newspaper featuring Pakhi’s photo, urging her to return home as her son is sick, her husband is in pain, and it’s their son’s birthday the next day. Satya questions whether Sai has considered Virat’s potential reaction to the advertisement. Sai believes Virat will understand her intentions and proceeds to head to the kitchen. Amba approaches her and expresses confusion about Sai’s behavior, as she sometimes shirks responsibility while at other times takes on too much. Sai admits to visiting her son the previous night and acknowledges Amba’s concern for her son’s marriage. She asserts that she is dedicated to fulfilling her responsibilities in the household and returns to her room, where she finds Satya fixing his shirt’s button. Sai offers to help, but Satya insists on handling it himself. He then expresses his concern that Amba was upset about Sai’s visit to her son’s house and reminds her that he married her to make his mother happy. Sai reassures him and promises to do her best to ensure that Amba isn’t hurt again. Satya suggests that they go to the hospital, but Sai reminds him that it’s Savi’s parent-teacher meeting. Satya offers to cover for her at work, and Sai gratefully accepts his offer, acknowledging that they support each other as friends. [Episode End]

Precap : Virat informs Ashwini that Vinu has a parent-teacher meeting (PTM) scheduled for today and he would like to attend it only with his mother, Pakhi. Meanwhile, Amba requests Sai and Satya to take a day off from work for a pooja ceremony at their home. Satya explains that he has an important surgery scheduled for the day. On the other hand, Savi mentions that her mother will accompany her to the PTM.

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